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European Jazz Union – 15th July 2017

It’s a warm welcome to Mike Chadwick who returns to present the European Jazz Union – worldwide contemporary jazz with a cutting edge European perspective. Somewhat left of centre, it’s music that the world needs to hear but seldom gets the chance to. Mike’s here to fix that.

Please feel free to get in touch with Mike with any comments or suggestions you might have; he’ll be more than happy to hear from you: or follow him via Facebook &/or Twitter.

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European Jazz Union
15th July 2017

Artist – Track – Album – Year

Jelle Van Giel Group    Fuzz    The Journey    2017
Christian Balvig/Frederik Bulow/Adrian Christensen    Ficticious Conversation   
Associated with Water    2017
Nowhere    Existence    On My Way    2017
DeJohnette/Scofield/Grenedier/Medeski    Woodstock    Hudson    2017
Morgan Guerin    Deep In    Saga II    2017
Christian Scott    No Love    Diaspora    2017
P.U.L.S.E    Le Maghreb    Kobaltblau    2017
Zem Audu    Neon Nights    Spirits    2015
FORQ    Tea Time    Thrēq    2017
Kneebody    Yes You    Anti-Hero    2017
Bobby McFerrin    Common Ground    Medicine Music    1990
Vince Mendoza    Spirit Moves    Instructions Inside    1991
Wolfgang Muthspiel    Jackson’s Pocket    4Tet    2008
Moutin Reunion Quartet    Something Like Now Pts I & II    Something Like Now    2005
Ralph Moore    Hopscotch    Furthermore    1990
Adam Rogers    Sea Miner    Dice    2017
Andrew McCormack    Graviton    Graviton    2017
Kyoto Jazz Sextet    Ancient Future    Unity    2017

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