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Passport to Prog (#PassToProg) – 13th August 2020

“Prog was my first love, as an impressionable teenager, the sounds of progressive rock opened my ears to endless possibilities in music. It led me to appreciate musicianship that led me to jazz, it led me to appreciate grooves and melody and songwriting that led me to funk and soul, it literally opened my ears and it will always be a huge part of my music listening.

This is the first opportunity I have had to record a prog show. I am certain as the show progresses (sic) it will find an identity all of its own, as all my shows have. It takes time with any new show and this is a new vibe I’m bringing to the musical landscape.

My thanks go to the good Doctor, Brad Stone, and our fearless leader Brian Hurst for allowing me to indulge one of my previously hidden passions.” [Mike Chadwick]

Please feel free to get in touch with Mike with any comments or suggestions you might have; he’ll be more than happy to hear from you: or follow him via Facebook , Twitter or Instagram.


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Passport to Prog
13th August 2020

Artist – Track – Album – Year

Steve Rothery    Morpheus    The Ghosts of Pripyat    2015
Willowglass    Book of Hours    Book of Hours    2008
Steven Wilson    The Watchmaker    The Raven that Refused to Sing    2013
Nad Sylvan    Carry Me Home    Courting the Widow    2015
Yuka & Chronoship    I am Thee (Awakening of Cloneroid)
   The 3rd Planetary Chronicles    2015
Rick Wakeman & the English Rock Ensemble    The North Plain    The Red Planet    2020
Kansas    The Absence of Presence    The Absence of Presence    2020
Jaskinia    Max Factor    Jaskinia – W Kazdym Domu    2006
Jon Anderson    1000 Hands (Come Up)    1000 Hands    2019
Scope    Watch Your Step    Scope    1974
Energit    Nocni Motyl    Energit    1975
Jimmy Herring/T Lavitz/Richie Hayward/Kenny Gradney    The New Berkley Park
   Endagered Species    2001
Scott Henderson & Tribal Tech    Renegade    Nomad    1990
Lenny White    12 Bars from Mars    Streamline    1978
Abel Ganz    The Life of a Honey Bee and other Moments of Clarity
   The Life of a Honey Bee and Other Moments of Clarity    2020
Submarine Silence    Swirling Contour    Journey Through Mine    2016
Anglagard    Jordrok    Hybris    1992

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