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Sonic Soul Playlist (#SonicSoul) – 23rd July 2022

Out of Hanover, Germany but mixed for the people of the world, The Sonic Soul Playlist is a monthly selection curated by Joerg Schmitt, who adds a wonderful new dynamic to the roster of knowledge, passion and good grooves synonymous with the team at

Created back in 1986, Joerg’s famous Sonic Soul Reviews website has become a staple for those whose desire to keep up with new music, and has seen him become one of the most trusted reviewers across Europe and a go-to for those that like to keep an eye on just what’s cooking!

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23rd July 2022

Artist – Track – Album – Year

Khari Cabral & Jiva    Show Me The Way (feat. Cleveland Jones)    5    2022
Brian Jackson    Little Orphan Boy (Two Soul Fusion Remix)    This Is Brian Jackson    2022
Jackson Mathod    So Cold (feat. David Mrakpor)    Download    2022
Frank McComb    Don’t Wanna Pt. 1 & 2    Glow – Two Of Diamonds    2022
Swatkins & Raquel Rodriguez    Lottery    Download    2022
Sunny Reyes    Insanity    Download    2022
Bulgarian Cartrader    Camden Free Library    Download    2022
Terence Etc.    In Contemplation of Clair’s Scent (Edit)    Download    2022
Alexia Bontempo    Chameleon Lovers (feat. Josh Klinghoffer)    Download    2022
Lauren Henderson    Asi    La Bruja    2022
Miki Howard    Throw It Away    Download    2022
Khari Cabral & Jiva    Heaven’s Design (feat. Lindsey Webster)    5    2022
Marilyn Scott    Throw Out Into Space, Butterfly    The Landscape    2022
Luman Child    Grateful (feat. Robert Gee)    Love Is The Message    2022
Taylor Pace    Give It Up    Glow – Two Of Diamonds    2022
Magro    Never Let You Down (feat. Leona Berlin)    II    2022
Monzanto Sound    Nuff Blues    Download    2022
Avalon Cutts-Jones    Wanna Be Close    Download    2022
Saint Jaimz    One4Me    Download    2022
Nicole Cassandra Smith    Wedding Gown    Download    2022
Magro    Teacher (feat. Kenny Wesley)    II    2022
Ronnie Herel & Omar    A Night We Dream Of (DJ Spen & Reelsoul Edit)    Download    2022
Solu Music & Gabby Law    Feelin’ Love Again    Download    2022
Sound Experience    Got To Keep On The Move (Charles Vaughan Disco Odyssey Mix)    Download    2022

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