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The Hurst Selection (#THS) – 18th February 2018

A moment in the making… Brian Hurst returns with The Hurst Selection – packed tight with 24 drops of the good stuff. Watch out for #ExcellentBehaviour from Lindsey Webster, Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra, Mama’s Gun, Laura Taglialatela, along with 20 other magnificent artists and groups. Move the furniture, roll back the carpet, make some space – you’re going to need it.

The show is also available to download in the Member’s Lounge in #LosslessAudio.

Stereo, not stereotypical®

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The Hurst Selection
18th February 2018

Artist – Track – Album – Year

Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra    Black Sun    Black Sun (Promo – April 20)    2018
Omar    Gave My Heart (DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix) feat Leon Ware   
Love In Beats (Deluxe Edition)    2018
Louie Vega feat. Xiomara Laugart, Josh Milan & Axel Tosca    Este Son Me Basta   
Two Beats One Soul    2017
Doug Beavers    Gate C13    Art of The Arrangement    2017

Laura Taglialatela    Take Me Back    The Glow (Promo – April 6)    2018
Lindsey Webster    Free To Be Me    Love Inside (Promo – March 23)    2018
Jody Watley    The Mood (feat. SRL)    Download    2018
Beatchild & The Slakadeliqs    In My Arms    Heavy Rockin’ Steady    2018
Mama’s Gun    Strangers on a Street    Golden Days (Promo – March 23)    2018
Oscar Jerome    Subdued    Where Are Your Branches?    2018

Georgette    Kirie    Levanta Poeira (Compiled by Tahira)    2018
The Dudley Moore Trio    Song for Suzy    Today (Original LP 1972)    2017
Janette Mason    Pent up    Red Alert (Promo – March 16)    2018
Jamison Ross    Everybody’s Cryin’ Mercy    All for One    2018
Molly Tentarelli    Casual    Molly Tentarelli (Promo – Feb. 23)    2018
The Herbaliser    Seize The Day (feat. Just Jack)    Bring Out The Sound (March 2)    2018
Ntjam Rosie    Breakthrough    Breaking Cycles    2017

Jeremy Turgeon Quintet    Blessed (feat. Cleveland P. Jones)    What Matters Most    2017
Willie Bradley    In The Meantime (feat. Gerald Alston)    Going with the Flow    2018
Kathy Kosins    Could You Be Me (feat. Paul Randolph)    Uncovered Soul    2018
Dianne Shaw    Second Chance    Second Chance    2018

Miguel Migs    Rhythm Touch    Download    2018
Sebb Junior & Tasha Larae    Never Be Alone    Download    2018

Joe Armon Jones    Go See    We Out Here    2018

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