The Cutting Edge (#CuttingEdge) – 18th June 2023

Mike Chadwick resurrects the Cutting Edge which although leaning heavily into Jazz business, allows for occasional musical excursions across other genres. Simply put, the sound remains fiercely independent and as ever, unlike anything else you’ll hear, elsewhere.

Please feel free to get in touch with Mike with any comments or suggestions you might have; he’ll be more than happy to hear from you: or follow him via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Stereo, not stereotypical®


18th June 2023

Artist – Track – Album – Year

Baptiste Trotignon    Karma Police    Brexit Music    2023
Nils Kugelmann    Unexpected Love    Stormy Beauty    2023
Cecilie Strange    The Alice’s of my Life    Beyond    2023
Brad Mehldau    When it Rains    Largo    2002
Brian Blade & the Fellowship Band    Catalysts    King’s Highway    2023
Yellowjackets    Greenhouse    Greenhouse    1991
Harold López-Nussa    Rat-a-Tat    Timba a la Americana    2023
Aja Monet    Why My Love    When The Poems Do What They Do    2023
Soft Machine    Careless Eyes/Penny Hitch    Other Doors    2023
Tingvall Trio    Woodpecker    Birds    2023
Eberhard Weber    Bali    Little Movements    1980
Meshell Ndegeocello    Virgo 3    The Omnichord Real Book    2023
Marriage Material    The Ring    Enchantment Under the Sea    2023
Donny McCaslin    I Want More    I Want More    2023
Steve Smith & Vital Information    No Qualm    Time Flies    2023
Drift Lab    Chatterland    Moonlight    2023
Igor Wilcox    Old Friends    #1    2017
Marius Neset    Summer Dance    Pinball    2023
Niles Lan Doky    Rough Edges    Yesterday’s Future    2023