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April 24, 2014

Senn B&W 3

oran etkin gathering lightWest Coast vibrations arrive c/o @TheJazzPhD aka Dr. Brad Stone who’s here every week to present the The Creative Source – a 60 minute show highlighting jazz-fusion & progressive jazz flavours from back then, the here and now, plus occasional forays into the future. Drop by the Member’s Lounge to DL an hour’s worth of goodness in either #LosslessAudio, MP4 AAC+ @ 80kbps or stream for FREE via the New Arrivals category. Whatever works for you, works for us. #TheDoctorIsIn

LagosMusicSalonIt’s a warm welcome to another magnificent edition of Echoes Soul Sides – a thoroughly soulful weekly offering from SoulandJazz.com. Produced by Echoes magazine Editor and deep soul aficionado Chris Wells, 14 tracks are demanding of your ears attention on this week’s show so please, click on the link above to DL or stream for FREE in the New Arrivals category. Either way, delicious soul offerings from a terribly nice man. #Big&Clever

Sounds For The Open RoadBrian Hurst delivers 20 drops of the good stuff via The Hurst Selection. Crisp biscuits are on offer this week c/o Toco, Jarrod Lawson, Papik w/ Frank McComb, Down To The Bone, Avery*Sunshine, Harvey Mason and Nicola Conte. In Hour Two, watch out for Brit-funk flavours from Atmosfear, Freeez and Light of the World. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll know what time it is with a triumvirate of goodness from a living legend: Billy Paul. It’s available to DL in the Member’s Lounge or FREE to stream in the New Arrivals category. #HappyEars come as standard.

Reggie BThe Unhooked Generation party series is an escape from familiarity. It’s a movement designed for people who like things a little left of center. DJ Applejac curates sounds ranging from straight ahead Jazz to Soulful House and everything in between; from well known classics and rare grooves to music of talented newcomers. You’ll find the playlist on the download page and you can get there by clicking on the link above. You can also stream and listen for FREE via our New Arrivals. #LetsGo

Toto Chiavetta - Become OneWelcome to the 111th installment of Body Music – a one-hour weekly work-out mix featuring nine blistering tracks served with love, care and attention by DJ Ausar – one of Atlanta’s finest, who returns with yet another fantastic set of music: ‘April’s Legacy’. A wonderful idea we think and one that’s certainly making the gym a far cheerier place to attend. No excuses, just download via the link above or use the #FTL feature under our New Arrivals category. #NoExcuses

lonnie-liston-smith_renaissanceBack and proud is one of Atlanta’s finest – DJ Cozy Shawn, who digs deep to present Podcast #1,206 – a 12 track edition of Get Cozy – packed tight this week with KILLER soul and jazz flavours. Nostalgic it may be, but there’s nothing dated in the sounds you’ll be hearing as this man really does know how to get down. Download via the link above or stream for FREE via our New Arrivals category. Be sure to show your ears how much you care. #Essential




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  • Aretha Franklin: 'The Queen of Soul' (2014) - (24/04/14)

    Pinned: 24 Apr 2014
  • Tabu Showcase - Volume 2. Tabu Records is one of the great groove labels of the 80s. Watch out for wonderful memories from Alexander O’Neal, Cherrelle, & S.O.S. Band. Memories are indeed, made of this. Best roll back the carpet & make some room. Chris Philips is back for more with the second of our essential Tabu Records Showcases. Music comes from Cherrelle, The S.O.S. Band, Alexander O’Neal, & Brainstorm. Watch out also for a track by Manfredo Fest – KILLER! #SNS Turn it up!

    Pinned: 24 Apr 2014
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  • Various Artists - Blue Note Trip 5: Jazzanova (2006)

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  • Steely Dan: 'Perfection In Performance' [DVD]

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  • Frank Sinatra interviewed by Clive James in 1988

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  • General Caine: 'Dangerous' (1983) - (23/04/14)

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  • General Caine: 'Girls' (1982) - (23/04/14)

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  • General Caine: 'Dangerous' (1983)

    Pinned: 23 Apr 2014