Talking Jazz with Ben Sidran – Episode 3: Don Cherry

Talking Jazz with Ben Sidran

Episode 3: Don Cherry

Here’s the story: back in the mid-80’s on National Public Radio (NPR) in America, a show ran called Sidran On Record. Presented by Ben Sidran, a musician, author, lecturer and journalist, the show featured interviews with the great and the good from the world of Jazz. Miles, Dizzy, Herbie and Grover were amongst 60 interviews that ran over the course of 5 years. Many of the legends featured are sadly no longer with us, but the recordings are, and several years back Ben released these as part of a wonderful, 24 CD box set called Talking Jazz – bringing to life a golden period of entertainment and understanding as we learn about the masters, their thoughts and their works. Whilst this may seem like an advert for this prestigious box set, it isn’t really. Promise. We’ve been in touch with Ben and asked for his permission to use these interviews and create our own shows based on his works. Ben gave it two thumbs up and we’re delighted to present to you Talking Jazz with Ben Sidran, our most ambitious project to date.

Episode 3 features Don Cherry, a complex man, whose playing not necessarily always made for comfortable listening, yet who continually pushed the boundaries of Jazz with both his philosophy and unique use of both the cornet and pocket trumpet. It is believed that no known recordings exist of Don Cherry playing a standard trumpet. Certainly one of life’s true individuals and a compelling interviewee shines through in conversation with Ben. It’s a dialogue that Scott Fugate has further enhanced in his intricate production with seventeen tracks interwoven into this fifty-three minute show. Truly fascinating.

If you fancy buying the essential box set, which includes the full sixty interviews, then here’s where you need to go:

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Talking Jazz with Ben Sidran
Episode 3: Don Cherry

Artist – Track – Album – Year

Ornette Coleman & Don Cherry   Ramblin’ (partial)   Change of the Century   1960
Charlie Parker   Hot House (partial)   Burnin’ Bird   1948
Ornette Coleman & Don Cherry   Blues Connotation (partial)   This Is Our Music   1961
Ornette Coleman & Don Cherry   Monk & The Nun (partial)   Twins   1959
Ornette Coleman & Don Cherry   Congeniality (partial)   The Shape of Jazz To Come   1959
Ornette Coleman & Don Cherry   The Alchemy of Scott Lafaro (partial)   The Art of the Improvisors   1961
Ornette Coleman & Don Cherry   Peace (partial)   The Shape of Jazz To Come   1959
Don Cherry & John Coltrane   The Blessing (partial)   The Avant-Garde   1960
John Coltrane   Naima (partial)   Giant Steps   1960
Sonny Rollins & Don Cherry Quartet   Without A Song (partial)   Sonny Rollins Quartet Live In Paris    1963
Sonny Rollins & Don Cherry Quartet   Dearly Beloved (partial)   Sonny Rollins Quartet Live In Paris   1963
Sonny Rollins & Don Cherry Quartet   Announcement by Sonny Rollins   Sonny Rollins Quartet Live In Paris    1963
Sonny Rollins & Don Cherry Quartet   52nd Street Theme (partial)   Sonny Rollins Quartet Live In Paris   1963
Don Cherry, Nana Vasconcelos &Collin Walcott   Codona (partial)   The Codona Trilogy   1978
Don Cherry   Barnako Love (partial)   Home Boy   1985
Don Cherry   Rappin (partial)   Home Boy   1985
Ornette Coleman & Don Cherry   Angel Voice   Something Else!  1958

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