The Hurst Selection 2 [CD]


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We’re delighted to serve up the second album offering on Records – another 12 KILLERS which guarantee #HappyEars. This time round it’s even more of a world flavour as music comes from Japan courtesy of Room56 and Jazz Collective, Sydney with Milan Ring, Sicily – Gabriele Poso and from all corners of the US: Boukou Groove, Maz, Michon Young, Farnell Newton, Moonchild, Temika Moore, and The Ananda Project featuring Mr. Alex Lattimore. Special mention must also go to Gregory Porter whose 1960 What? gets the first proper remix from the legend that is Gerardo Frisina; historic.

Over one of hour of soul and jazz gems await so go ahead, take a listen and treat your collection to a real drop of the good stuff either via a download or the full-fat CD. Yum.

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