Talking Jazz with Ben Sidran – Episode 6: Wynton Marsalis

Talking Jazz with Ben Sidran

Episode 6: Wynton Marsalis

Here’s the story: back in the mid-80’s on National Public Radio (NPR) in America, a show ran called Sidran On Record. Presented by Ben Sidran, a musician, author, lecturer and journalist, the show featured interviews with the great and the good from the world of Jazz. Miles, Dizzy, Herbie and Grover were amongst 60 interviews that ran over the course of 5 years. Many of the legends featured are sadly no longer with us, but the recordings are, and several years back Ben released these as part of a wonderful, 24 CD box set called Talking Jazz – bringing to life a golden period of entertainment and understanding as we learn about the masters, their thoughts and their works. Whilst this may seem like an advert for this prestigious box set, it isn’t really. Promise. We’ve been in touch with Ben and asked for his permission to use these interviews and create our own shows based on his works. Ben gave it two thumbs up and we’re delighted to present to you Talking Jazz with Ben Sidran, our most ambitious project to date.

Episode Six is produced by Scott Fugate, who lends his discerning ears to help produce this wonderful show about Ben’s next interviewee: Wynton Marsalis, a man whose dedication to the Jazz continuum has seen him perform as a trumpeter, composer, bandleader and music educator. Marsalis, who has won nine Grammy Awards, five of which were in consecutive years (1983–1987) also became in the 80’s the only artist ever to win Grammy Awards for both Jazz and Classical records. He has toured thirty countries on every continent except Antarctica, and sold nearly five million copies of his music. As he approaches his fiftieth birthday, his place in Jazz history is assured and in conversation with Mr. Sidran shows even over twenty years ago, why his destiny to be considered one of the greats was evident even back then.

If you fancy buying the essential box set, which includes the full sixty interviews, then here’s where you need to go.

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Talking Jazz with Ben Sidran
Episode 6: Wynton Marsalis

Artist – Track – Album – Year

Wynton Marsalis    Eastman Wind Ensemble    Flight Of The Bumblebee (partial)
   Classic Wynton    1986
Wynton Marsalis    I’m Confessing (That I Love You) (partial)    Hot House Flowers    1984
Wynton Marsalis    Sister Cheryl (partial)    Wynton Marsalis    1982
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers (feat. Wynton Marsalis)    Moanin’ (partial)   
Round About Midnight    1980
Wynton Marsalis    Autumn Leaves (partial)    Marsalis Standard Time – Volume I    1987
Wynton Marsalis    Monk’s Mood (partial)    Marsalis Plays Monk – Standard Time Vol. 4    1999
Wynton Marsalis: English Chamber Orchestra
   Bach: Brandenburg Concerto #2 In F – 3. Allegro Assai (partial)
   Classic Wynton    1986
Wynton Marsalis    Think Of One (partial)    Think Of One    1983
Wynton Marsalis: English Chamber Orchestra
   Haydn: Trumpet Concerto #1 In D – 1. Adagio (partial)
   Classic Wynton    1986
Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five    West End Blues    Ken Burns Jazz    1928
Louis Armstrong & His Hot Seven    Potato Head Blues (partial)    Ken Burns Jazz    1927
Louis Armstrong & His Hot Seven    Wild Man Blues (partial)
   Louis Armstrong: The Hot Fives & Hot Sevens    1927
John Coltrane    Pursuance/Part4 – Psalm (partial)    A Love Supreme    1964
Wynton Marsalis    Black Codes    Black Codes (From The Underground)    1985
Wynton Marsalis    Knozz-Moe-King    Think Of One    1983
Clifford Brown    Donna Lee (partial)    Beginning & The End    1956
Miles Davis    Boplicity (partial)    The Complete Birth of the Cool    1957
Wynton Marsalis    Tom Cat Blues    Standard Time, Vol. 6: Mr. Jelly Lord    1999