The Hurst Selection – 19th July 2014

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

Brian Hurst returns with The Hurst Selection – packed tight with 23 drops of the good stuff. Crisp biscuits are on offer this week c/o Maryanne Ito, Jazztronik, Al Jarreau, N'sawa-Saraca, Fox Capture Plan, and Janette Mason. In Hour Two, both Brazilian and Fusion flavours: The Billy Cobham - George Duke Band, David Sanborn, and Grover Washington Jr. You'll also know what time is with The Trammps, Lenny Williams and Billy Paul. #HappyEars

The show is available to stream by clicking the play button below so do you and your neighbours ears a favour - #TurnItUp

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The Hurst Selection
19th July 2014

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  • George Clinton. Parliament. Funkadelic: 'The Mothership Connection' [DVD]

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  • Toco: 'Mané' (Dois do Rio Radio Edit Remix) (2014)

    Pinned: 24 Jul 2014
  • Warner Jazz Showcase - 1,000 Yen Jazz Re-issues (Volume 1). Launched in 2012 in Japan, this collectable range now spans over 300 classic & rare jazz albums, with sales of over 600,000 units to date. The first 100 releases, by artists such as Charles Mingus and The Modern Jazz Quartet are now available in their original Japanese packaging. Armed with such knowledge, allow Mike Chadwick to introduce to you to some of his personal favourites.

    Pinned: 24 Jul 2014
  • Yarbrough & Peoples - The Two of Us [Expanded Edition] (1980/2014)

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  • Bob James - H (1980)/Sign of The Times (1981) (2014)

    Pinned: 24 Jul 2014
  • Peter Blackstock - SXSW Scrapbook: People and Things That Went Before - 1987-2011 [Paperback]

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  • N'sawa-Saraca: 'Wall' - taken from the fine album 'Forest Dance' (2014).

    Pinned: 23 Jul 2014
  • Dionne: 'Swim Around'

    Pinned: 22 Jul 2014
  • Danny Janklow's Sound Barrier: 'Gemini Vibe'

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  • James Brown: - 'Live in Santa Cruz' [DVD]

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