Absolute Fusion (#AbsoluteFusion) – 30th March 2024

An introduction from the man called Mike Chadwick

“I’ve been listening to Jazz Rock/Fusion, discovering, and bringing artists to people’s attention for over 45 years, working for Virgin Records, Decoy Records (specialist store based in Manchester), broadcasting on Jazz FM and for many years, exclusively across SoulandJazz.com.

My desire to create a show around this genre has become all-encompassing so now is the time that I dedicate my passion for this ever-evolving genre and show you just what’s been on my mind.

Every fortnight I’ll play a crazy mix covering all areas of Jazz Rock/Fusion, maybe highlighting different decades, artists, instruments, countries, sub-genres… wherever the mood takes me!”

We’re more than ready.

Please feel free to get in touch with Mike with any comments or suggestions you might have; he’ll be more than happy to hear from you: mike@soulandjazz.com or follow him via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Stereo, not stereotypical®


30th March 2024

Artist – Track – Album – Year

Sylvan Richardson Jr.    Cathexis    Pyrotechnics    1992
Daniele Chiantese/Lorenzo Felicitiani/Kristian Terzić    Tech    Kamayan    2024
Chad Wackerman    A New day    Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations    2012
Holger Marjamaa    Rush Hour (feat. Hadrien Feraud, Jussi Lehtonen)    Download    2024
The Ed Palermo Big Band    Zoot Allures    The Adventures of Zod Zundgren    2017
Garaj Mahal    Woot    Woot    2008
Yellowjackets    Monmouth College Flight Song    Casino Lights    1982
Larry Carlton    Point It Up    Larry Carlton    1978
Drew Zingg    Cactus    Drew Zingg    2012
Ghost-Note    Synesthesia    Mustard n’Onions    2024
Issei Noro Inspirits    Suspicious City    Smash Gig    2008
Kazumi Watanabe    Unicorn    To Chi Ka    1990
Kiyo Sen    Come on Over    Organizer    2018
Daisuke Kunita    U1    Abstract/Pop    2019
Jukkis Uotila Band    Out in the Left Field    Live    1990