David Sanborn Tribute (#SanbornTribute) 19th May 2024

Armed with much admiration and knowledge about the great man, Mike Chadwick presents a 15-track ‘David Sanborn Tribute’.

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David Sanborn Tribute

Track – Album – Year

A Change of Heart    A Change of Heart    1987
Theme From “Love Is Not Enough”    Casino Lights    1982
Rush Hour    As We Speak    1982
The Whisperer    Taking Off    1975
7th Ave.    Sanborn    1976
Let’s Just Say Goodbye    Voyeur    1981
Wake Me When It’s Over    Voyeur    1981
Hideaway    Straight to the Heart    1984
Straght to the Heart    Straight to the Heart    1984
Run for Cover    Straight to the Heart    1984
Monica Jane    Another Hand    1990
Snakes    Upfront    1992
Little Face    Hearsay    1994
Trance    Inside    1999
Lotus Blossom    Casino Lights II    1991