European Jazz Union (#EJU) – 11th July 2020

It’s a warm welcome to Mike Chadwick who returns to present the European Jazz Union – worldwide contemporary jazz with a cutting edge European perspective. Somewhat left of centre, it’s music that the world needs to hear but seldom gets the chance to. Mike’s here to fix that.

Please feel free to get in touch with Mike with any comments or suggestions you might have; he’ll be more than happy to hear from you: or follow him via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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European Jazz Union
11th July 2020

Artist – Track – Album – Year

Kornél Fekete-Kovács & Modern Art Orchestra    Satya/Truthfulness
   Foundations: Yamas And Niyamas    2020
Piotr Matusik Trio    Native Dancer    Independence    2020
Bobby Watson    Someday We’ll All be Free    Keepin’ It Real    2020
Black Light Collective    Everything Old    Black Light Collective    2020
Derrick Hodge    Not Right Now    Color of Moize    2020
Joe Downard    A Blind Man’s Tale    Seven Japanese Tales    2020
Krzystof Herdzin    Faith    The Book of Secrets    2020
Jerzy Malek    You Said its Nothing    Black Sheep    2020
Bruford    Joe Frazier    Gradually Going Tornado    2020
Simon Phillips    Solitaire    Studio Live Session    2019
Orlando le Fleming    I’ll Tell You What it is Later    Romantic Funk:The Unfamiliar    2020
New Bone    Nanga Parbat    Longing    2020
Nat Birchall    Omniscient Being    Mysticism of Sound    2020
Otis Sandsjö    Atombahn    Y-Otis 2    2020
Kahil El Zabar    Trane in Mind    Kahil El Zabar’s Spirit Groove    2020
Nir Felder    Fire in August    II    2020
Hedwig Mollestad    Antilone    Ekhidna    2020
Jesse Fischer    The Wanderer    Resilience    2020
Grüt    Stairwells    Work Week    2020
Marutyri    EC Sun    Live at Raysland Studios    2020