J. Scott Fugate: The Jazz Evangelist

Originally from East St. Louis, Scott spent the majority of his life in professional theatre – acting, directing, writing, teaching, entertaining and touring productions throughout the world and has a Master’s Degree in Theatre from the UK’s Lancaster University.

Through it all, he held a private passion for America’s only original art form: jazz – in all its many styles, and believed that all contemporary musical genres throughout the world emerged from the same gumbo brewed in New Orleans at the turn of the 20th century.

At the turn of the new millennium he started promoting jazz online via the Atlanta Jazz Group, which led to the production of his own radio show – “Jazz In The Present Tense” — which earned him the “Broadcast Personality of the Year” award from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters in 2001.

Scott was branded the “Jazz Evangelist” by local musicians due to his passion for promoting jazz, converting people to it’s many styles and sub-genres.

In 2002 he accepted the position as General Manager, Programme & Music Director at Brenau University’s Eclectic 89.1 FM WBCX. He hosted and produced several live shows throughout the decade, including many jazz formats: Traditional, Hot, Big Band, Swing, Straight Ahead, Hard Bop, World Groove, Funk, Fusion, Acid Jazz and Neo-Soul.

As we move into a new decade, Scott is excited to expand his focus worldwide via Soulandjazz.com. The possibility of the entire planet connected by a common groove provides him with tremendous joy, and renewed hope for the future. As Scott has said in each of his shows “Jazz is timeless and essential. It goes beyond colour, creed and culture – allowing the heart, mind, soul and spirit to swing together in syncopated counterpoint”.