Passport to Prog – 28th June 2017

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

"And now for something completely different."

It’s a warm welcome to Dr. Brad Stone - the JazzWeek Programmer of the Year 2015, who's also here every month to present his brand new show on - Passport to Prog - one hour of progressive rock, progressive jazz, jazz-rock fusion, electronic and experimental music with a particular emphasis on new releases by current artists/bands plus the occasional visit back to the classic era of prog along with material from in between.

In Brad's own words: "The ‘Passport’ part of the title is a nod to my old, dear friend, Jim Snowden, whose Passport Jazz label brought us a host of great jazz-rock albums back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Sadly, Jim passed away earlier in 2016. Just a couple of months before he passed, we had discussed the need for a show of this nature, as an outlet for all the great progressive music being produced and released today, and had planned on putting something together.

When I first began radio back in 1978, at the legendary underground station WQAX-FM in Bloomington, IN, my program was very similar to this, in terms of the types of music that I featured. So, I am coming full circle! I am eternally grateful to my friends Don Donald Lupo (for getting me started in radio) and Neil Sharrow (the WQAX 'Minister of Communication', for his strong encouragement and mentorship). My shows 'Electronic Meditations' (1984-85, KUCI-FM, Irvine, CA) and 'Silicon Sensations' (1986-97, KSJS-FM, San Jose, CA) featured some of this music, along with the occasional progressive rock special from time to time.

There’s so much great music out there that just doesn’t get the exposure it deserves. I hope that this new program will help a bit in that regard."

Please feel free to get in touch with Brad with any comments or suggestions you might have; he’ll be more than happy to hear from you: or follow him via Facebook or Twitter.

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Passport to Prog
28th June 2017

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Deep Purple    Time for Bedlam    Infinite    2017
Machine Mass    Spanish Castle Magic    Plays Hendrix    2017
Allen Hinds    Yonder Hills    Fly South    2017
Dusan Jevtovic    Lifetime    No Answer    2017
Dialeto    Mikrokosmos 113    Bartók in Rock    2017
King Crimson    The Great Deceiver    Starless and Bible Black (Original LP 1974)    2011
King Crimson    Red    Red (Original LP 1974)    2013
Yes    The Remembering    Tale from Topographic Oceans (Original LP 1973)    2016
Deus Ex Machina    La Diversità di Avere un'Anima    Impăris    2008
Brand X    Kubit Blitz (BBC Session, 1976)    Nuclear Burn    2014
Mahavishnu Orchestra    Cosmic Strut    Visions of the Emerald Beyond (Original LP 1975)    1991
Jean-Luc Ponty    After the Storm    After the Storm    1989
Jean-Luc Ponty    No Absolute Time    No Absolute Time    1993
Jason Kao Hwang    When What Could    Sing House    2017
Steve Coleman's Natal Eclipse    Pull Counter    Morphogenesis    2017
Darkroom    The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes   
Some of these Numbers Mean Something    2008