Sonic Soul Playlist (#SonicSoul) – 20th May 2023

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

Out of Hanover, Germany but mixed for the people of the world, The Sonic Soul Playlist is a monthly selection curated by Joerg Schmitt, who adds a wonderful new dynamic to the roster of knowledge, passion and good grooves synonymous with the team at

Created back in 1986, Joerg's famous Sonic Soul Reviews website has become a staple for those whose desire to keep up with new music, and has seen him become one of the most trusted reviewers across Europe and a go-to for those that like to keep an eye on just what's cooking!

Please feel free to get in touch with Joerg with any comments or suggestions you might have; he’ll be more than happy to hear from you: or follow him via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


Sonic Soul Playlist
20th May 2023

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Deborah Bond, Misha, Jussi Halme    A Night In Rio Pt. 2    Download    2023
Full Flava    Love Holds No Limits (Full Flava 2.0. Mix)    Download    2023
Flyt    Trust Fall    Slow Motion Soul    2023
Helen Bruner & Terry Jones    I Can't Call It    2nd. Ouverture    2023
Gavin Holligan    When Boys Became Men    Download    2023
Aphrose    Good Love    Download    2023
Les Imprimés    Falling Away    Download    2023
MT Jones    I'd Be Lying    Download    2023
Joseph Malik    Adult Contemporary    Download    2023
Ash Walker    Time Gets Wasted    Astronaut    2023
Freedust    Worth Your While    Download    2023
Hannah Macklin    The Essence    Mu    2023
Pete Josef    Utopia    Download    2023
Stuart Zender    Happy Feelings ft. Omar & Ana Tijoux    Download    2023
Artis Boris    Can You Dance? Ft. Rita Ray    Easy Living EP    2023
Kurt Elling & Charlie Hunter    Not Here / Not Now    Superblue: The Irisdecent Spree    2023
77-78    Love Said (Let's Go) Wallace & Morris Remix    Download    2023
Samantha Lindo    Worthy    Download    2023
Hannah Macklin    Stars    Mu    2023
Robb Scott & Leee John    Gotta get Over You    Download    2023
Michon Young    Just Like That    #mysweetness    2023
JC Soul    Our Groove    Download    2023
Crossroads feat. Raffaella Zago    If You're In Need    Download    2023
The Chocolate Fudge Band    Everything    Download    2023
Rinu Patel    Forget Me Not    Download    2023
Who Parked The Car    Amande    Broken Glass    2023