Sonic Soul Playlist (#SonicSoul) – 29th November 2022

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

Out of Hanover, Germany but mixed for the people of the world, The Sonic Soul Playlist is a monthly selection curated by Joerg Schmitt, who adds a wonderful new dynamic to the roster of knowledge, passion and good grooves synonymous with the team at

Created back in 1986, Joerg's famous Sonic Soul Reviews website has become a staple for those whose desire to keep up with new music, and has seen him become one of the most trusted reviewers across Europe and a go-to for those that like to keep an eye on just what's cooking!

Please feel free to get in touch with Joerg with any comments or suggestions you might have; he’ll be more than happy to hear from you: or follow him via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


Sonic Soul Playlist
29th November 2022

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Nabaté Isles    Black Girl Magic (feat. Badia Farha, Mumu Fresh, Nikki Grier)    En Motion    2022
Adi Oasis    Adonis (feat. Kirby)    Download    2022
Claudia Compagnol    Confused    Right Now    2022
Eddie Chacon    Comes & Goes    Download    2022
Annabelle Freedman    Wolf    Breadcrumb Libations    2022
Raquel Martins    Fragile Eyes    Download    2022
Julie Kuhl    Lonely Freaks    Born With Nostalgic Bones    2022
Tess Henley    Joy Somewhere    Paramount    2022
Miranda Joan    Overstimulated    Download    2022
Yakul    Take Flight    Download    2022
30/70    All 4 U    Download    2022
Ibrahim Maalouf    Capacity To Love (feat. Gregory Porter)    Capacity To Love    2022
Myele Manzanza    Going Up In Flames (feat. China Moses)    Crisis & Opportunity Vol. 3    2022
Ada Morghe    The Story    Lost    2022
Natalie Duncan    Let's Go Release (Searchlight Remix)    Download    2022
Stephanie Lottermoser    Gotta Do Something    Independence    2022
Binkley DeLeon    Wanna Love You (feat. Tony Lindsay)    Download    2022
Object Heavy    For The Better    Download    2022
Hil St. Soul    Love & Fire    Back In Love    2022
Gavin Holligan    Same Old Story    Download    2022
Sir Spencer    Maybe (feat. Raquel Rodriguez)    The Second    2022
Paris Jordan    Feelin' Fine    Download    2022
Miranda Joan    I Love You, Dwayne    Download    2022
Siloam Pool    Warrior    Simple Complexity    2022
Kari Kirkland    Lover You Should Have Come Over    If (When You Go)    2022
Warhaus    When I'm Wih    Ha Ha Heartbreak    2022
Thomas Dybarie    Treat Me So Bad (feat. Beharie)    Download    2022
James Tillman    Mr. Midas    Magic City Thrill    2022
Michael B. Sutton    Sexual    Download    2022
Nathan Johnston & The Angels Of Libra    Curtis (Reprise)    Nathan Johnston & The Angels Of Libra    2022