Sonic Soul Playlist (#SonicSoul) – 9th April 2023

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

Out of Hanover, Germany but mixed for the people of the world, The Sonic Soul Playlist is a monthly selection curated by Joerg Schmitt, who adds a wonderful new dynamic to the roster of knowledge, passion and good grooves synonymous with the team at

Created back in 1986, Joerg's famous Sonic Soul Reviews website has become a staple for those whose desire to keep up with new music, and has seen him become one of the most trusted reviewers across Europe and a go-to for those that like to keep an eye on just what's cooking!

Please feel free to get in touch with Joerg with any comments or suggestions you might have; he’ll be more than happy to hear from you: or follow him via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


Sonic Soul Playlist
9th April 2023

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Abi Farrell    New Love    Download    2023
Jalen Ngonda    If You Don't Want My Love    Download    2023
Ishmale Sings    What Can We Do (Jazz Mix)    Download    2023
Ni Maxine    Changing Everyday    Download    2023
Shayna Steele    A Perfect Frame    Gold Dust    2023
Kea    We Made It Thru    Download    2023
Reel People    Dance In Her Eyes (feat. Chantae Cann & Dayne Jordan)    Love2    2023
ConFunkShun    Text Me Tomorrow    Smooth Jukebox    2023
Ray Greene    Stay    Stay    2023
Johnny Britt    Summer Love ft. Gerald Albright & Kashan    After We Play    2023
Kathy Kosins    Won't Look Aawy    Download    2023
Heidi Tann    Baby Come Back (feat. Nils)    Download    2023
Secret Night Gang    Don't Know What Tomorrow Brings    Download    2023
Philip Lassiter    Bump The Man ft. Durand Bernarr    Download    2023
Jarrod Lawson    I Would Die 4U    Download    2023
Feiertag    Queen & King ft. Rhi    Download    2023
Michon Young    Sweetness    Download    2023
Duffmusic    Money ft. Jelis    Secret    2023
NtJam Rosie & SMANDEM    In Need (Reworked)    Elle (Reworked)    2023
Steven Bamidele    Kaleidoscope ft. Scarlett Fae    Download    2023
Sumsuch, Will Brock, Kameelah Waheed    Don't Know Where I'm Going    Download    2023
Will Downing    Love On You (Remix)    Download    2023
Reuben James    Means The World (feat. Braxton Cook, Carrtoons, Gareth Lockrane)    Download    2023
Madeleine    See Me Too    Download    2023
Aisha Badru    Path Of Least Resistance    Download    2023
Marc Jordan    Coltrane Plays The Blues    Download    2023
Roderick Harper    Slice Of Life    Download    2023
Caixa Cubo    Sabado    Agora    2023
Jesa    Five Little Birds    Download    2023
S/M/B    No Dignity In Growing Old    Download    2023
Molass    Art Of No    Download    2023
Foreal People    In The Mood To Groove (Dave Lee Mix)    Download    2023