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Body Music – 23rd March 2015

Episode 136 of Body Music sees DJ Ausar, one of Atlanta’s finest, return to to present another fantastic one-hour work-out mix of some of the hottest house music around. A wonderful idea we think and one that’s certainly making the gym a less daunting place to attend. Download via the link below and prepare your kit bag without fear – just don’t forget your iPod! “Reach, 2, 3, 4,…”

Stereo, not stereotypical®


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Body Music
‘Kazukuta Rising’
23rd March 2015

Artist – Track – Album – Year

Miss Jeri    No Worries (Djeff Afrozilla Main Vocal Mix)    Exclusive Download    2015
Pablo Fierro    Djambo (Djeff Kazukuta Remix)    Djambo Remixes    2013
Filipe Narciso & Djeff    O Semba (Djeff Mix)    O Semba    2011
Sara Tavares    One Love (Djeff Afrozilla Remix)    One Love Remixes    2011
Djeff Afrozila feat. Tchoboly    Minha Vizinha (Mark Di Meo Latin Vocal)   
Minha Vizinha Remixes    2015
Cecil ft. Sólás B. Lalgee    Holding Space (Djeff Afrozilla Remix)   
Holding Space Remixes    2015
Djeff & Silyvi    Malembe (feat. Alex Samba)    Malembe (Os) Malembe    2011
Shana    Out (Djeff Afrozila Luanda Remix)   
Tribe Vaults Vol 1 – Afro House Edition    2012
Djeff & Nastio Mosquito aka SAB    Jammin Remode    Download    2012

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