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The Constellations Radio Show (#Constellations) – 19th March, 2021

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

The Constellations Radio Show is hosted by Will McGiven - direct from Derby here in the UK. Will has spent the last 12 years playing at various Soul and Jazz events across the UK and Europe as well as producing his eclectic Constellations and Eloquence radio shows. It was actually Drum and Bass that started Will’s journey as a DJ, but don’t be fooled into thinking his show is just for the dancefloor. A serious music collector across all genres, his shows will take you to every possible corner of the Soul and Jazz genres, curating a single continuous soundtrack of Improv’ to House, Brazilian to Hip-Hop, Jazz-Funk to Broken Beats, Film to Deep House... every track selected off the cuff and presented in a single live take from his collection of over 65,000 curated tracks.

The link-up with us has been six years in the making and we know Mr. McGiven is rather excited to bring you a one-hour show every Friday, exclusively for We're more than ready.

This week's show features a guest mix by Sam Gendel, in his own words, a "Person who works with sound // from Los Angeles, Californa, U.S.A". And about this mix... "This is all material exclusively from my iPhone voice memos. I don’t take many photos or videos, but I capture a lot using this app; a fair amount ends up on actual recordings. This mix contains some more personal items, stitched together for aural exploration."

Feel free to get in touch with Will via e-mail to let him know your thoughts about his show or even if you just fancy a shout out! or follow him via Twitter, Instagram or The Constellations Radio Show & Friends page via Facebook .

Stereo, not stereotypical®


The Constellations Radio Show
Featuring a Sam Gendel Guest Mix
19th March, 2021

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Sam Gendel    Temple in Kochi, Japan    Unreleased    2021
Sam Gendel    Levelup - Synth Guitar    Unreleased    2021
Sam Gendel    Soft Brass - Synth Guitar    Unreleased    2021
Sam Gendel    Slime - Synth Guitar    Unreleased    2021
Sam Gendel    Finding chords/form for "sustain" at a birthday party in Mexico City    Unreleased    2021
Sam Gendel    Bubble Guitar/Voice    Unreleased    2021
Sam Gendel    Johnny Cash loop    Unreleased    2021
Sam Gendel    Live performance: Adam Ratner (Electric Guitar) Sam Gendel (Guitar/Saxophone)    Unreleased    2021
Sam Gendel    Francis Bacon Marimba    Unreleased    2021
Sam Gendel    Night Dreamer: Kevin Yokota (Drum Kit) Sebastian Steinberg (Accoustic Bass) Sam Gendel (Saxophone)    Unreleased    2021
Sam Gendel    D'Angelo (Spanish Joint Loop)    Unreleased    2021
Sam Gendel    Monophonic Marimba    Unreleased    2021
Sam Gendel    Portrait Orchid Gun (Unreleased Version)    Unreleased    2021
Bob Hoskins    "Nothing Unusual He Says"    The Long Good Friday (OST)    1981
Tristram Cary    Electronic Music    Quatermass And The Pitt (OST)    1967
Gatmo, Bart Hopkin, Gary Knowlon, Richard Waters, Tom Nunn, Tom Waits    Waterphone Man    Thirsty? Gátmo Sessions #4    2012
Japan    Ghosts    The Man Who Loved Yngve    1981
Moorcheeba, Hector Plimmer    Oh Oh Yeah (Hector Plimmer Remix)    Download    2021
9ms    Carom    Pleats    2021
Henry Wu, Tito Wun    Andre The Giant vs. Bob Sapp    Medusozoa    2021
Victoria Bourne & Walt Shaw    Raven's Kit    Songs From A Cloud Chamber    2021
Scruscru    Rain in a Bamboo Grove    South Wind, Clear Sky (Part 1)    2021
Scott Walker    Loss of Love    The Moviegoer    1972
Lalo Schifrin    Air Terminal - Main Lobby    Bullitt (OST)    1968
Andy Ateo & Chris Thornhill    Honor Lethality    Lockdown #12    2021
Moor Mother, Billy Woods, Franklin James Fisher    Gang For a Day    Brass    2020
Adam F    Music In My Mind    Colours    1997

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