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The Constellations Radio Show (#Constellations) – 3rd June 2022

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

The Constellations Radio Show is hosted by Will McGiven - direct from Derby here in the UK. Will has spent the last 12 years playing at various Soul and Jazz events across the UK and Europe as well as producing his eclectic Constellations and Eloquence radio shows. It was actually Drum and Bass that started Will’s journey as a DJ, but don’t be fooled into thinking his show is just for the dancefloor. A serious music collector across all genres, his shows will take you to every possible corner of the Soul and Jazz genres, curating a single continuous soundtrack of Improv’ to House, Brazilian to Hip-Hop, Jazz-Funk to Broken Beats, Film to Deep House... every track selected off the cuff and presented in a single live take from his collection of over 65,000 curated tracks.

The link-up with us has been six years in the making and we know Mr. McGiven is rather excited to bring you a one-hour show every Friday, exclusively for We're more than ready.

Feel free to get in touch with Will via e-mail to let him know your thoughts about his show or even if you just fancy a shout out! or follow him via Twitter, Instagram or The Constellations Radio Show & Friends page via Facebook .

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The Constellations Radio Show
3rd June 2022

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Amanda Whiting    Discarded    Lost in Abstraction    2022
Joan Shelley    High On The Mountain    Like the River Loves the Sea    2019
The Brook & The Bluff    Misnomer    Yard Sale    2021
Keiyaa    Camille's Daughter    Camille's Daughter    2022
Isaac Hayes    Love Scene Ellie (Ellie's Love Theme)
   Shaft Anthology: His Big Score and More! (Original from LP 'Shaft' 1971)    2008
Qu'ran Shaheed    Reach    Process    2020
Crazy Doberman    The Six Sing - Asleep    Devil's Daughter Sings Her Hybrid Poem    2022
Kush Jones    Interrupted    Existing, Do not Desire to be Perceived    2022
Arcologies    Star Map    Dreaming In Cyan    2022
Brandon Seabrook feat. Cooper-Moore & Gerald Cleaver    Seething Excitations    In The Swarm    2022
Oscar Penas    La Baja    Almadraba    2022
Julian Sartorius / Matthew Herbert    Twelve Fifty    Drum Solo    2022
Greg Packer    Summer Breeze    Summer Breeze/Une Femme de La Mystique    2002
Healing Force Project    Entropic Trait    Gravitational lensing    2016
Henry Grimes Trio    For Django    The Call    1965
E.Live    Mood Swing    I Feel It/ Mood Swing    2021
E.Live    Slapadelic    I Feel It/ mood Swing    2021

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