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Continuum – Episode 114: Ballads & Blues

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

Welcome to this month's episode of Continuum - A Journey Through Jazz on This leg of the journey takes us through two hours of ballads & blues . . . cool, classic, beautiful, relaxing, hopeful, and bluesy of course.

Many are currently eagerly anticipating the end of winter and the beginning of spring (depending on where you live of course) – thus, there is a feeling of anticipation in the air. So, this episode attempts to capture that longing, as well as the excitement, hope & joy that surrounds the seasonal transition.

This seasonal journey begins in the 1940's with Sidney Bechet & Henry "Red" Allen . . . moves up into the 1950's & 60's with Cannonball Adderley, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Mose Allison, George Duke, Pepper Adams, Donald Byrd, Herbie Hancock, Gene Ammons & Francy Boland . . . and then jumps into current millennium and decade with Brandon Wright, Shunzo Ohno, Gaetano Partipilo, Jeff Rupert & Dirty Martini, The Astral Project, Erena Terkubo, Dave Bennett, Bill Anschell, Terri Lyne Carrington, Miho Hazama, John Sandfort, Leo Gandelman, fo/mo/deep, Timo Lassy, Spiritrio & Yuki Futami.

Two hours of bliss that can accompany just about any mood or activity - give it a try, and share with it with a friend or two or three.

Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts, comments, requests or suggestions. You can send an email to, or you can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and various other social networking sites by simply searching for the Jazz Evangelist.

Agape y'all,
J. Scott Fugate, The Jazz Evangelist

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Continuum – A Journey Through Jazz
Episode 114: Ballads & Blues
14th March 2014

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Brandon Wright    Illusions of Light    Journeyman    2012
Sidney Bechet    Blue Horizon    Jazz Classics, Vol. 1    1944
Henry "Red" Allen    Just A Feeling    Henry Red Allen    1945
Cannonball Adderley    Dancing In The Dark    Somethin' Else    1958
Toshiko Akiyoshi    Blues For Toshiko    The Toshiko Trio    1956
Mose Allison    Idyll    I Don't Worry About A Thing    1962
George Duke    Little Girl Blue    Presented by the Jazz Workshop 1966 of San Francisco    1966
Pepper Adams, Donald Byrd & Herbie Hancock    Day Dreams    Out of This World    1961
Gene Ammons    Lush Life    Night Lights    1970
Francy Boland    Like Someone In Love    Playing With The Trio    1967
Shunzo Ohno    April Moon    All In One    2013
Gaetano Partipilo    Essa Mulher    Besides - Songs From The Sixties    2012
Jeff Rupert & Dirty Martini    Nancy With the Laughing Face    Save Your Love For Me    2005
The Astral Project    Cobalt Dreams    Blue Streak    2008
Erena Terkubo    That's All    Burkina    2013
Dave Bennett    A Funeral in New Orleans    Don't Be That Way    2013
Bill Anschell    No Hurry    When Cooler Heads Prevail    2001
Terri Lyne Carrington    Cut Off    Money Jungle - Provocative In Blue    2013
Miho Hazama    Ballad    Journey To Journey    2012
John Sandfort    In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning    Southbound    2012
Leo Gandelman    Luz Azul    Vip Vop    2012
fo/mo/deep    Naima    A Beautiful Bang    2012
Timo Lassy    The Good Life    In With Lassy    2012
Spiritrio    Blues For R.C.    Episode 1    2012
Yuki Futami    Hymn To Freedom    Banzai Oscar    2013

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