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FOLDEDSPACE – 13th April 2016

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

So much great music in this week's show with new tunage from Tacuma Bradley, Cicero Lee, Theo Croker, Collective Peace and Chatae Cann. The new offering from Terrace Martin features Kamasi Washington - which is no bad thing - and we also showcase the new kid on the block, talented Atlanta based saxophonist, Morgan Guerin. We also preview great new albums from the boundary pushing Snarky Puppy and the lady in her 78th year, Elza Soares - who is quite literally 'The Woman At The End Of The World'. To top it off we spend some time in the company of innovative keyboardist Bill Laurance who talks about his new LP 'Aftersun' and life on the road.

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Music that'll take you to a happy place. Enjoy!

Tony Minvielle

13th April 2016

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Morgan Guerin    Blueprint    The Saga    2016
Cicero Lee    Ten Miles From The Sky    Those Who Stay    2016
Terrace Martin    Think Of You    Velvet Portraits    2016
Tasha    Divine Love    Divine Love EP    2016
Collective Peace    Track IV    Introducing Collective Peace    2016
Tacuma Bradley's Unity Band    Grocers Delight    Joint Effort    2016
Nao Yoshioka    The Light    The Light EP    2016
Elza Soares    A Muhler do fim do Mundo    Elza    2016
Theo Croker    In Orbit    Escape Velocity    2016

Bill Laurance Interview
Bill Laurance    First Light    Aftersun    2016
Bill Laurance    Aftersun    Aftersun    2016
Bill Laurance    Soti    Aftersun    2016
Bill Laurance    The Pines    Aftersun    2016

Snarky Puppy    Grown Folks    Culcha Vulcha (Promo - April 29)    2016
Chantae Cann    Beauty Speaks    Journey To Golden    2016

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