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FOLDEDSPACE – February 2015

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

Here we are again another two hours of quality tunage.

We showcase the phenomenal new LP from Soulpersona and Princess Freesia, as well as new music from Emily Saunders, Purple Crayon, Rhonda Thomas, Sidewalk Chalk and the mighty Eska. There are classic tunes from the O'Jays and Pleasure, an absolute corker from percussionist Ray Baretto and near perfect music from LA based keyboardist Daniel Crawford. There's a big tune from Snarky Puppy featuring a killer keyboard solo from Cory Henry and I play this to mark the recording of Family Dinner Vol. 2 which is currently taking place in New Orleans. To top it all off we talk to the lovely US singer Somi about her US/ Ugandan/ Rwandan heritage and her fantastic LP The Lagos Music Salon.

Take a deep breath, get listening, enjoy the niceness and please, don't forget to holla back via social media – Facebook, Twitter or e-mail:

I'll see you next time.

Tony Minvielle

February 2015

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Soulpersona and Princess Freesia    Sunset Reprise (feat. Carl Hudson)    Fast Forward    2015
Sidewalk Chalk    Vibration    Shoulder Season    2015
Joe Buhdha presents Terri Walker    Tired Out    Untitled to Entitled    2014
Emily Saunders    Summer Days    Outsiders Insiders    2015
Duane Eubanks    Aborted Dreams    Things Of That Particular Nature    2015
Eska    Rock Of Ages    Eska    2015
Fatima    Talk    Yellow Memories    2014
Ola Szmidt    Apnea (Asterion Remix)    Single    2015
Soulpersona and Princess Freesia    'Bout Time You    Fast Forward    2015
Purple Crayon    Just Anyone    Purple Crayon    2014
Ajoyo    Benskin    Download    2015
Daniel Crawford    Your Guess Is as Good as Mine    The Awakening    2014

Somi in Conversation

Somi    Love Juju #1    The Lagos Music Salon    2014
Somi    Ginger Me Slowly    The Lagos Music Salon    2014
Somi    Love Juju #2    The Lagos Music Salon    2014
Somi    Lady Revisited feat. Angelique Kidjo    The Lagos Music Salon    2014
Somi    Two Dollar Day    The Lagos Music Salon    2014

Pleasure    Glide    Future Now    1979
O'Jays    Now That We Found Love    Ship Ahoy    1973
Snarky Puppy    Lingus    We Like It Here    2014
Ray Baretto    Tambao Africano    Eye Of The Beholder    1977
Rhonda Thomas    Oh Yay    Vinyl Dayz (Promo - March 3)    2015
Soulpersona and Princess Freesia    You Did It Again    Fast Forward    2015
Jordan Rakei    Imagine    Franklin's Room    2012

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