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FOLDEDSPACE – 1st June 2016

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

We talk to Atlanta based singer Chantae Cann whose LP ‘Journey to Golden’ is, in my opinion, one of the stand out LP's of the year with production values as lush as the ocean is deep.
We’ve new music from Peter Edwards, Sawa Trio and Lossy, Ralean, Zo! from The Foreign Exchange’ & Kaytranada. There’s a real Latin/Brazilian feel to the show courtesy of reissues from Mr. Bongo of a classic LP from Arthur Verocai, heritage business from Gal Costa and Latin jazz from The Curtis Brothers. And we premier amazing music from Australia's Jordan Rakei and Canadian trio BADBADNOTGOOD.

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Music that'll take you to a happy place. Enjoy!

Tony Minvielle

1st June 2016

Artist - Track - Album - Year

BADBADNOTGOOD    Fall In Love    BBNG    2011
Curtis Brothers Quartet    The Spoiler    Blood Spirit Land Water Freedom    2012
Arthur Verocai    Presento Grego    Arthur Verocai    2016
Gal Costa    Pontos Da Luz    India    1973
Kaytranada    Lite Spots    99.9%    2016
Theo Croker    Rahspect    Escape Velocity    2016
The Peter Edwards Trio    Flying High    A Matter Of Instinct    2016
Sawa Trio and Lossy    Kalimat (Lossy remix)    Single    2016
Jordan Rakei    Blame It On The Youth    Cloak    2016

#QuickNatter w/ Chantae Cann
Chantae Cann    Da Da n Da    Journey To Golden    2016
Chantae Cann    Beauty Sleeps    Journey To Golden    2016
Chantae Cann    Free Your Dreams    Journey To Golden    2016
Chantae Cann    Waterfall    Journey To Golden    2016
Chantae Cann    The Journey Continues    Journey To Golden    2016

Das Goldene Zeitalter    Don't Give Up Your smile Today    Peace Chant Vol 1    2016
Relaen    Serbia Song    Twines    2015
Shola Adisa-Farrar and Florian Pellesier Quintet    Feeing Good    Lost Myself    2015
Zo!    A Season (feat. Eric Roberson)    Skybreak    2016
Curtis Brothers Quartet    Maria Cervantes    Blood Spirit Land Water Freedom    2012

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