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FOLDEDSPACE – 21st September 2016

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

Little is known about Brazilian singer, composer and musician Jose Mauro except that he was killed in a car accident before the release of his, now legendary, debut LP 'Obnoxious' in 1970. The release was cancelled and the LP was mothballed until 1995 when it was finally released by Far Out Records to much critical acclaim. Now regarded as one of the greatest Brazilian LP's ever produced, it has been remastered by Far Out so that its true majesty can be sampled by a far greater audience. We feature one of our favourite tunes from this exceptional piece of work on this week's show.

Heritage tracks come courtesy of Brazilian female foursome Quarteto Em Cy and US/Africa collective Oneness Of Ju Ju. We also have brand new business from Scott Xylo, Brenda Nicole Moorer (Edgewood Agents), Blue Lab Beats, Miles Mosley, Tall Black Guy and acclaimed violinist Omar Puente.

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Music that'll take you to a happy place. #LifeChangingMusic

Tony Minvielle

21st September 2016

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Kaidi Tatham    The Shadow Ain't Going Nowhere    The Extrovert City EP    2016
Scott Xylo    Fireflies Coloured In Violet (w/ T-nah)   
Analogue Minds, with Digital Minds    2016
Takuya Kuroda    Do They Know    Zigzagger    2016
Jose Mauro    Apocalipse    Obnoxius    2016
Quarteto Em Cy    Cantoria    Quarteto Em Cy    1972
Judi Jackson    With You    Download    2015
Thundercat    Without You    Apocalypse    2013
Blue Lab Beats    Skippy    Blue Skies EP    2016
Sumochief    Chiliflake Honeysap (feat. Othasoul)    Download    2016
Jah Wobble and the Invaders of the Heart    Cosmic Blueprint   
Everything Is No Thing    2016
Brenda Nicole Moorer    Amsterdam    Edgewood    2016
Oneness Of Juju    River Luvrite    Space Jungle Love    1976
Omar Puente    Samba Para Dos    Best Foot Forward    2016
Miles Mosley    Young Lions    Download    2016
Tall Black Guy    Come With Me And Fly (feat. Yusef Rumperfield)   
Let's Take A Trip    2016

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