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FOLDEDSPACE – December 2013

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

Festive greetings and all that - hope you guys are ready for a great big musical celebration. We've a proper collection to warm your cockles: Typesun, Zara McFarlane, Brandt Tils, Michelle Shaprow, Jukka Eskola, Peter Edwards and the outstanding new collection from Jason Rebello.

Geordie Soul Boy John Turrell dropped in for a chat and talked about his new LP 'Kingmaker', Smoove and Turrell, and his BBC Proms in the Park experience playing in front of a 50,000+ crowd.

Whilst we're at it, please feel free to contact me via e-mail: or on the Facebook/Twitter grapevine.

Back to the music. Give it a listen, show some love and share if you care.

Have a good one.


December 2013

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Tall Black Guy    O Fim da Viagem    Brazilian Chronicles    2013
Jazzo and Melodisinfonie    Stiller See    Wasser    2012
Lucas Arruda    Na Feira    Sambadi    2013
Darryl Reeves    Everytime I See You (feat. Gwen Bunn)    Mercury    2013
Lay Far    Stand Up    Lay Far    2013
Jason Rebello    The Man On the Train    Anything but look    2013
Webster Wraight Ensemble    Rise    No Lucky Days    2013
Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra    The Endless Search    Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra    2010
Peter Edwards Trio    Meet You at El Malechon    Safe and Sound    2014
Guida De Palma    Abraco a Bossa    Veludo    2013
Michelle Shaprow    Always belong to you    Single    2013
Tony Momrelle    Fly    Fly EP    2013
Typesun    Little While    Single    2014

Jonh Turrell Interview
John Turrell    Chasing Shadows    The Kingmaker    2013
John Turrell    Low    The Kingmaker    2013
John Turrell    The Temper    The Kingmaker    2013
John Turrell    Home    The Kingmaker    2013
John Turrell    Won't Get Fooled again    The Kingmaker    2013

The Brecker Bros    Jackknife    Brecker Bros    2013
Earth Wind and Fire    See the Light    EWF - The Columbia Masters    2013
Jason Rebello    Immediate Effect    Anything But Look    2013
Jukka Eskola    Bolly Beat    Bossa    2013
Brandt Tils    Gonzo    Green Gold    2013
Alex Malhieros and Banda Utopia    Baixo Partido    The Wave    2013
Zara McFarlane    Angie Le Ron Ron    If You Knew Her    2013
Dawn Tallman    Carol of The Bells    Josh Milans Honeycomb Christmas    2013
Donny Hathaway    Memory of Our Love    Never My Love - Anthology    2013

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