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FOLDEDSPACE – 29th June 2016

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

Kamasi Washington's 'The Epic' was head and shoulders the standout LP from last year’s jazz offerings. The breadth and depth of its scope has created a whole new base of young fans in the world of spiritual jazz. I speak to Kamasi and his bass player Miles Mosley about their respective musical careers. I also catch up with saxophonist and producer Terrace Martin about his co-producer role on one of the most important LP’s of the millennial era - Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’, & his latest release via his personal ‘Sounds Of Crenshaw' imprint label: ‘Velvet Portraits’.

There’s new music from Jacob Collier, Nomade Orquestra, Meditative Funk, Trio Subtonic, & Nubian Twist. We also have heritage business from Blood, Sweat and Tears & Charles Stepney’s New Rotary Connection – & we pay homage to the late sixties Brazilian musical phenomenon known as Tropicalia featuring tracks from Caetano Veloso & Gal Costa.

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Music that'll take you to a happy place. Enjoy!

Tony Minvielle

29th June 2016

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Nomade Orquestra    Samurai    Nomade Orquestra    2016
Meditative Funk (feat. Julie Dexter)    Blue Skies    Single    2016
Nubiyan Twist    Work House Mode    Siren Song EP    2016
Trio Subtonic    Tomorrow Tomorrow    Fiction    2016
Kaytranada    You're The One (feat. Syd)    99.9%    2016
Melissa McMillan    I Will Follow    Hurst Selection 3    2016
Caetano Veloso    Tropicalia    Tropicalia - A Brazilian Revolution in Sound    2016
Gal Costa    Sebastiana    Tropicalia - A Brazilian Revolution in Sound    2016

#QuickNatter w/ Kamasi Washington, Miles Mosley, & Terrace Martin

Kamasi Washington    Leroy and Lanisha    The Epic    2015
Kamasi Washington    The Message    The Epic    2015
Kamasi Washington    Cherokee    The Epic    2015
Kamasi Washington    Rerun    The Epic    2015
Miles Mosley    Abraham    Single    2016
Terrace Martin    Curly Martin (feat. Robert Glasper, Thundercat and Robert Bruner)   
Velvet Portraits    2016
Terrace Martin    Think Of You (feat. Kamasi Washington & Rose Gold)   
Velvet Portraits    2016
Terrace Martin    Valdez Of Crenshaw    Velvet Portraits    2016

Peter Edwards    Escape Velocity    A Matter Of Instinct    2016
Orice Jenkins    Anatolian Sunset    Soar    2016
Blood Sweat and Tears    Alone    New Blood    1972
New Rotary Connection    Burning Of The Midnight Lamp    Songs    1969
Jacob Collier    Hajanga    In My Room    2016
Druw & Perez    Woah (feat. Omar)    Single    2016

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