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Get Cozy – 18th March 2015

The coolest man we know is DJ Cozy Shawn and he’s here each week to select some classic 70’s grooves that are as timeless as they are magnificent. Nostalgic it may be, but there’s nothing dated in the sounds you’ll be hearing – and trust us, this man really does know how to get down!

Make sure you reach out and get in touch – Shawn’s always ready to talk about the music that matters: Now then. Back to the 1’s and 2’s…

Stereo, not stereotypical®


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Get Cozy
18th March 2015

Artist – Track – Album – Year

Funkadelic    Who’s a Funkadelic?    Who’s a Funkadelic?    1980
Slave    Drac Is Back    The Concept    1978
Slave    Volcano Rupture    Hardness of the World    1977
Frank Zappa    Zomby Woof    Over-Nite Sensation    1973
Muddy Waters    Tom Cat    Electric Mud    1968
The Jimi Hendrix Experience    Gypsy Eyes    Electric Ladyland    1968
Eddie Hazel    Unkut Funk (Inst.)    Jams From The Heart EP    1994
Betty Davis    Stars Starve, You Know    Is It Love Or Desire?    1976
Ohio Players    Runnin’ From The Devil    Fire    1974
Graham Central Station    Earthquake    Now Do U Wanta Dance    1977
Stanley Clarke    School Days    School Days    1976
Miles Davis    Black Satin    On The Corner    1972

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