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Radio 21 Million – 14th September 2015

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

From Mexico City : Radio 21 Million
21 million people, 100 thousand taxis, a cold and often wicked politic, and a thriving but oft under-appreciated arts scene, Mexico City is alive and vibrant and emerging into the international creative music conscience. With Radio 21 Million, Mexico City based musician Todd Clouser (A Love Electric, Ropeadope Sur) highlights the creative music happening in his adopted hometown by visiting with its artists. Here, musicians become the programmers as we uncover a bit of Mexico City’s jazz past, its eclectic present, and its promise of a future as Latin America’s creative epicentre.

Episode 1
From the late Mexican piano great Eugenio Toussaint to Venezuelan cult hero, composer Vytas Brenner, Colombia’s new-folk experimentalists Meridian Brothers, to some of Mexico’s most progressive creative music from Brainkiller, Troker and the current voice of Mexico’s piano jazz, Alex Mercado, we explore a bit of what's happening in Mexico city, what has inspired its artists, and what's passing through.

We visit artists Aaron Cruz, a celebrated bassist from Mexico City, and the young guitarist Federico Sanchez, and ask them to share some tracks.

Radio 21 Million
Sharing creative music from mighty magic Mexico City, the center of the world, 2400 meters high and 21 million hearts big.

Radio 21 Million
14th September 2015

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Brainkiller    Scribble    Colourless Green Superheroes    2013
Alex Mercado    Wise    Symbiosis    2014
Curupira    Sumergido en la Ciudad    Regenera    2013
Diego Franco    Danza Chilacantonga    Chilacantonga    2015
A Love Electric    2100    Son of a Hero    2014
Troker    Principe Charro    Crimen Sonoro    2015
Charles Mingus    Ysabel’s Table Dance    Tijuana Moods    1962
Mario Patron Cuerteto    Silenciosa    Jazz In Mexico - Legendary 1954 Sessions    1954
Eugenio Toussaint    Acqua    Oinos    2009
Eugenio Toussaint    Tina En El Rio    Dias de Los Muertos    2005
Miles Davis Quintet    Black Comedy    Miles in the Sky    1968
Bill Evans    B Minor Waltz (For Ellaine)    You Must Believe in Spring    1977
John Coltrane    Interstellar Space    Jupiter    1978
Federico Sanchez    Under the Tarantula    Vol. I    2014
Banda Filarmonica de CECAM    Ey Konk    XEEW, Volumen I    2013
Remi Alvarez    Terminal 4    Lafahmisi    2012
Meridian Brothers    Fiesta (Con el Wiscey del Folclore)    Desesperanza    2014
Edward Ramirez    El Misterioso    Cu4tro, Maraca y Buce    2014
Vytas Brenner    La Sabana    La Ofrenda de Vytas Brenner    1973
Ray Charles    Alabamy Bound    Genius Hits the Road    1962

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