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Radio 21 Million – 29th October 2015

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

From Mexico City : Radio 21 Million
21 million people, 100 thousand taxis, a cold and often wicked politic, and a thriving but oft under-appreciated arts scene, Mexico City is alive and vibrant and emerging into the international creative music conscience. With Radio 21 Million, Mexico City based musician Todd Clouser (A Love Electric, Ropeadope Sur) highlights the creative music happening in his adopted hometown by visiting with its artists. Here, musicians become the programmers as we uncover a bit of Mexico City’s jazz past, its eclectic present, and its promise of a future as Latin America’s creative epicentre.

Episode 2
Episode 2 of Radio 21 Million comes with the embrace of the adventure we find in the word “jazz”. Understood, misunderstood, and the cause of emotion from our finest lust for inquisition to our deepest loathe of self indulgence, jazz is whatever anyone wants to make it. For that it is always ahead of what is new.

This episode features some of the more “avant” jazz that comes out of Mexico City, beginning with the group Klezmerson, signed to John Zorn’s Tzadik Records and recently releasing the record “Amon” as part of Zorn’s “Book of Angels” series. From there we celebrate a bit of RareNoise records, out of the UK, and their ties to Mexico City with the group Animation and Mexican pianist Roberto Verastegui and a track from the group MOLE, also a Rarenoise release. We visited with El Salvadoran guitarist and Mexico City resident, leader of XUC Trio, for some of his music and that of his influences, taking us to tracks from Mercedes Sosa, John Scofield, and Wes Montgomery. The young collective of Mexico City musicians “Colectivo Noon”, known for their programming of concerts in non-traditional spaces is represented by Miguel Alzerreka, Nur Slim and 1+.

We’re also featuring tracks from bands coming through Mexico City this next month, with Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet out of NYC and the Argentine saxophonist Luis Nacht each sharing a track.

Radio 21 Million
Sharing creative music from mighty magic Mexico City, the center of the world, 2400 meters high and 21 million hearts big.

Radio 21 Million
29th October 2015

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Klezmerson    Yefefiah    Amon: Book of Angels    2015
Animation    Soul of a Machine    Machine Language    2015
Carlos Marks    Borrachioca    Dislalia    2013
Loli Molina    Ludmila    Rubi    2015
Alex Otaola    Fin de Semana    Fractales    2007
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey    Better Living Through Competitive Spirituality   
The Battle for Earth    2015
Nur Slim    Lenta Para Correr    Antisesis - Colectivo Noon    2014
Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet    Welcome Home    Family First    2015
XUC Trio    Octavo Piso    Semilla de Copinol    2015
Wes Montgomery    Four on Six   
The Incredible Jazz Guitar Of Wes Montgomery    1960
Elis Regina / Antonio Carlos Jobim    Aguas de Marzo    Triolocria    2012
Mercedes Sosa    La Maza    Canciones con Fundamento    1965
John Scofield    Wabash    Loud Jazz    1987
Luis Nacht    La Modista    La Incertidumbre    2015
Gabriel Puentes    Me Retiro, Indignado    Simple    2010
Mole    Ine Sest    RGB    2014
Renee Mooi/Todd Clouser    Your Sin is Beauty    My Paper Bones    2014
Miguel Alzerreka    Cabeza    Antisesis - Colectivo Noon    2014
Alex Mercado    Las Golondrinas   
Un Amor Pendiente (Los Cardencheros de Sapioriz)    2015
Los Cardencheros de Sapioriz    A Las 2 de la Mañana    Un Amor Pendiente    2015
T’ORUS    Noon    Antisesis - Colectivo Noon    2014
1+    Paz    Antisesis - Colectivo Noon    2014
Freedom Day    Max Roach    We Insist - Max Roach’s Freedom Now Suite    1960

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