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Radio 21 Million – 2nd December 2015

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

From Mexico City : Radio 21 Million
21 million people, 100 thousand taxis, a cold and often wicked politic, and a thriving but oft under-appreciated arts scene, Mexico City is alive and vibrant and emerging into the international creative music conscience. With Radio 21 Million, Mexico City based musician Todd Clouser (A Love Electric, Ropeadope Sur) highlights the creative music happening in his adopted hometown by visiting with its artists. Here, musicians become the programmers as we uncover a bit of Mexico City’s jazz past, its eclectic present, and its promise of a future as Latin America’s creative epicentre.

Episode 3
When I was 9 years old, my father put me and my brother in piano lessons. A very nice woman who couldn’t corral my attention span would come to our home in Minneapolis, and we’d sit at the black player piano by the big dusty window with the brown frame fronted by the steel radiator heater, and she would put yellow smile faced stickers on a little white staff paper book and teach me basic scales. I only lasted two or three lessons. Its one of my great regrets of both many and few. I am all love for the piano now, though it was much more difficult to learn in my late teens when I was studying in Boston. Episode 3 of Radio 21 Million celebrates the piano with tracks from pianists from my adopted home of Mexico City, friend and hero John Medeski, classic tracks from Nina Simone, Duke Ellington and Ray Charles, and a couple detours to music from Ron Miles and John Zorn. Because soul is soul and jazz is a spirit and neither knows limit, we dance a little outside of what's understood as these music genres and wrap the Episode up with tracks from Johnny Cash and Tom Waits.

Radio 21 Million
Sharing creative music from mighty magic Mexico City, the center of the world, 2400 meters high and 21 million hearts big.

Radio 21 Million
2nd December 2015

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Nina Simone    See Line Women    Broadway-Blues-Ballads    1964
Nina Simone    I Got Life    'Nuff Said!    1968
Héctor Infanzón    No Porque Me Acuerdo    Citadino    2008
Aaron Cruz Trio    Libelula    Eco    2011
Aaron Cruz Trio    Aves de Agua    Eco    2011
Ray Charles And His Orchestra    I Wonder    7" Single    1960
Ray Charles    See See Rider (Lord What Have You Done)    7" Single    1960
John Medeski    Luz Marina    A Different Time    2013
John Medeski    Graveyard Fields    A Different Time    2013
Ron Miles    Days of Wine and Roses    Quiver    2012
Ron Miles    There Aint No Sweet Man Thats Worth the Salt of My Tears   
Quiver    2012
Adrián Oropeza    Miradas al Oriente    Amaneceress    2015
Adrián Oropeza    Peregrina    Amanaceres    2015
John Zorn    A Ride on the Cottonfair    The Dreamers    2008
John Zorn    Mow Mow    The Dreamers    2008
Abraham Barrera    Ocaso    Ocaso    2013
Abraham Barrera    Suite Homenaje a Carlos Fuentes - Para Aura    Ocaso    2013
Duke Ellington    Thanks for the Beautiful Land on the Delta   
New Orleans Suite    1971
Duke Ellington    Portrait of Mahalia Jackson    New Orleans Suite    1971
Johnny Cash    Waiting for a Train    Unearthed    2003
Tom Waits    Temptation    Frank’s Wild Years    1987

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