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Radio 21 Million – 31st December 2015

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

From Mexico City : Radio 21 Million
21 million people, 100 thousand taxis, a cold and often wicked politic, and a thriving but oft under-appreciated arts scene, Mexico City is alive and vibrant and emerging into the international creative music conscience. With Radio 21 Million, Mexico City based musician Todd Clouser (A Love Electric, Ropeadope Sur) highlights the creative music happening in his adopted hometown by visiting with its artists. Here, musicians become the programmers as we uncover a bit of Mexico City’s jazz past, its eclectic present, and its promise of a future as Latin America’s creative epicentre.

Episode IV
This month's Radio 21 Million comes to you not from Mexico City, but from another of the world’s giants, Bangkok, Thailand. With tours and holidays commanding a great deal of energy this time of year, Episode IV is a collection of music from everywhere and for everywhere. Here we celebrate music with music in a giant embrace of eclectic wanderlust. We honor our Mexico City roots and mission with tracks from bassist Alonso Arreola, also a fine and respected journalist in Mexico and a track from the xylophone-led ensemble No Soy and share a track from Argentine world-music hero Lucio Mantel - in Mexico City for a January tour.

My favorite records for traveling are Miles’ Davis’ “In A Silent Way” and Keith Jarrett’s “The Koln Conert”. I remember listening to the Koln Concert on a train in the South of Spain on my first ever trip to Europe about 15 years ago. Everything was illuminated. Having spent much of the month on trains through Japan and some long plane rides to Bangkok, Tokyo, Mexico City, and Portland, I’ve had plenty of time with these great recordings. I fall deeper in love with “In A Silent Way” with time. Here we share two tracks from "The Complete In A Silent Way” release and honor wanderlust in the aforementioned wide embrace of eclecticism, with ramblers and storytellers from Bob Dylan to Johnny Cash to a southern gospel field recording from legendary Musicologist Alan Lomax, and back to modern jazz with Drop Dogs, an NYC/Buenos Aires/MX City trio featuring Rodrigo Dominguez, and a track from another big influence of mine, Marc Ribot.

Radio 21 Million - sharing creative music from mighty magic Mexico City, the center of the world, 2,400 meters high and 21 million hearts big.



Radio 21 Million
31st December 2015

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos    Postizo   
Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos    1998
Bob Dylan    Visions of Johanna (Alternate Version)    The Bootleg Series Vol. 7    2005
Alonso Arreola    Morfina    Morfina    2011
Link Wray    Rumble    The Link Wray Rumble    1974
Lucio Mantel    Estrafalario    Lucio Mantel    2015
Johnny Cash    Rusty Cage    America II: Unchained    1996
Jimi Hendrix    Spanish Castle Magic    Blue Wild Angel: Live at the Isle of Wight    2002
Jacob Koller    Seven Samurai Sonata (Pt. 1)   
Cinematic Piano 4: My Soundtrack    2014
Miles Davis    Shhh/Peaceful    Complete In A Silent Way Sessions    2004
Skip James    22-20 Blues    Skip James Early Recordings (1930s)    1994
James Carter    Po’ Lazarus   
The Alan Lomax Collection: Southern Journey, Vol. 5:
Bad Man Ballads - Songs Of Outlaws And Desperadoes    1997
No Soy    Si 3 Peo    Colectivo Noon - Antisesis Vol. 1    2014
Hernán Hecht, Mark Helias, Rodrigo Dominguez    Nasty    Drop Dogs    2012
Miles Davis    Ascent    The Complete In a Silent Way Sessions    2004
Skip James    Jesus is a Mighty Good Leader   
Skip James Early Recordings (1930s)    1994
Medeski, Martin and Wood    Cat Creeps    Let’s Go Everywhere    2008
Grant Green    Flood in Franklin Park    Live at the Lighthouse    1972
Jimi Hendrix    Voodoo Child (Slight Return)   
Blue Wild Angel: Live at the Isle of Wight    2002

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