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Radio 21 Million – 5th February 2016

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

From Mexico City : Radio 21 Million
Sharing creative music from mighty magic Mexico City, the center of the world - 2,400 meters high, 21 million hearts big, 100 thousand taxis, a cold and often wicked politic, and a thriving but oft under-appreciated arts scene, it's a city that's alive and vibrant and emerging into the international creative music conscience. With Radio 21 Million, Mexico City based musician Todd Clouser (A Love Electric, Ropeadope Sur) highlights the creative music happening in his adopted hometown by visiting with its artists. Here, musicians become the programmers as we uncover a bit of Mexico City’s jazz past, its eclectic present, and its promise of a future as Latin America’s creative epicentre.

Episode V
Pop and rock artists have long turned to jazz and experimental musics when reinvention, or a bit of artistic evolution, is called for. In this episode, we celebrate visionary new music from the late David Bowie from his celebrated new record “Blackstar”, his band on the record a group of noted jazz and beyond musicians. JT Bates’ new record “Open Relationships”, a record of pieces and sonic explorations produced entirely by the drum set, shares two tracks and we celebrate new music from Mexico City with Centarvs, Amada Tovalin, and Daniel Zepeda. The texture, experimentation and embrace of emotion, the challenge - we will not settle for the predictable - I find, often uninhibited, in the best of jazz and improvised musics also has a place in popular music, as we hear with Porcupine Tree, Wilco, and a classic soul track from the Contours. The Episode concludes with Beck’s mix of the heartbreaking but triumphant “Seven” from David Bowie’s “Hours”. Music is possibility.



Radio 21 Million
5th February 2016

Artist - Track - Album - Year

David Bowie    Tis a Pity she was a Whore    Blackstar    2016
JT Bates    Last Morning    Open Relationships    2015
Centavrvs    La Tarde me Dio    La Tarde Me Dio    2015
Porcupine Tree    Footprints    The Love, Death & Mussolini EP    1990
Brian Eno and David Byrne    Solo Guitar With Tin Foil   
My Life in the Bush of Ghosts    1981
Renee Mooi and Todd Clouser    Hard Time Killing Floor Blues   
I'm On My Mother’s Side EP    2016
Marcelo del Paggio    Poema del Parque Central    Des Calmas    2010
Acardenchados    Al Pie de un Arbol   
Los Cardencheros de Sapioriz : Un Amor Pendiente    2015
Ceramic Dog    Masters of the Internet    Your Turn    2013
Daniel Zepeda    Botitas Nuevas    Moscas Bravas    2014
Soho Rentals    Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)    Unreleased   
Nina Simone    African Mailman    Nina Simone and Her Friends    1959
Robert Wilkins    Thats No Way to Get Along   
The Original Rolling Stone 1928-1935    1980
James & Eno    Hammer Strings    Wah Wah    1994
Sly and the Family Stone    In Time    Fresh    1973
Ismael Querales    La Caja de la Musica   
Edward Ramirez - Cuatru, Maraca y Buche    2014
The Contours    Do You Love Me    7" Single    1962
JT Bates    Rich Kids    Open Relationships    2015
Wilco    Spiders (Kidsmoke)    A Ghost is Born    2004
Craig Taborn, David Torn, Tim Berne & Tom Rainey    Ak    Prezens    2007
David Bowie    Seven (Beck Mix #1)    Hours    1999

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