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Chronograph Records Showcase – 29th November 2017

Chronograph Records is a boutique record label that works closely with artists who are looking for an insightful and collaborative partnership. Representing some of the best jazz, urban acoustic, and blues artists in Western Canada, Chronograph Records strategically helps develop their roster, allowing the artists to evolve into exactly who they’re supposed to be. Since the label’s 2004 inception, Chronograph artists have garnered numerous award nominations, most recently culminating in a JUNO Award nomination, multiple Canadian Country Music Awards, a CBC Galaxie Rising Star Award, and Canadian National Smooth Jazz Award winners.

Welcome then to a Chronograph Records Showcase where Michael Ambrosino takes his time in presenting 10 tracks that demonstrate the depth and quality that lies within. From the brilliance of the A/B Trio to the individualism of Audrey Ochoa, allow Michael to show you just why we’re delighted to present to you this, the first Showcase from this terrific label.

Your feedback is always welcome and we hope you enjoy another unique presentation from

Chronograph Records Showcase
29th November 2017

Artist – Track – Album – Year

A/B Trio    Tuesday at Transcend    Out West   2015
Ben Henriques    Sweet Lovely    Captain Awesome   2013
Johanna Sillanpaa    Closer   From This Side   2017
Chris Andrew    Wait For It    Strange Days   2011
Tyler Hornby    Blues Launch    Launch   2015
Prime Time Big Band    The Alberta Suite – II North On 93    Live At The Ironwood   2015
Audrey Ochoa    De Mi    Afterthought   2017
The Oberhamer Brothers    East To West    Together Again!   2016
Sinistrio    Fish Pickles    The Perfect Human   2013
Keith O’Rourke    Drifting   Sketches from the Road   2017

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