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Tabu Showcase – Volume 4

Tabu Showcase

Volume 4

Tabu Records is one of the great groove labels of the 80s. Watch out for wonderful memories from Alexander O’Neal, Cherrelle, & S.O.S. Band. Memories are indeed, made of this. Best roll back the carpet & make some room.

indexCoinciding with further releases in the Tabu Re-Born series is Brian Hurst – back with more goodness for the fourth of our essential Tabu Records Showcases. Music comes from Rhonda Clark, Cherrelle, The S.O.S. Band, Alexander O’Neal, & Brainstorm. What’s not to like? #discover

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Tabu Showcase
Volume 4

Artist – Track – Album – Year

Rhonda Clark    State Of Attraction (12″ Club Mix)   
Between Friends (Expanded Edition)    1989

Cherrelle    Affair (Steamy Affair Mix)    Affair (Expanded Edition)    1988

Alexander O’Neal    Criticize (Remix)    All Mixed Up    1989

Alexander O’Neal    What’s Missing (Remix)    Alexander O’Neal    1985

The S.O.S. Band    Take Love Where You Find It    S.O.S.    1980

The S.O.S. Band    Even When You Sleep    Sands Of Time    1985

The S.O.S. Band    Are You Ready?    Too    1981

Brainstorm    Waiting For Someone    Stormin’    1977

Alexander O’Neal    The Morning After    All True Man    1991

The S.O.S. Band    High Hopes    III    1982

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