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Sonic Soul Playlist (#SonicSoul) – 13th November 2021

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

Out of Hanover, Germany but mixed for the people of the world, The Sonic Soul Playlist is a monthly selection curated by Joerg Schmitt, who adds a wonderful new dynamic to the roster of knowledge, passion and good grooves synonymous with the team at

Created back in 1986, Joerg's famous Sonic Soul Reviews website has become a staple for those whose desire to keep up with new music, and has seen him become one of the most trusted reviewers across Europe and a go-to for those that like to keep an eye on just what's cooking!

Please feel free to get in touch with Joerg with any comments or suggestions you might have; he’ll be more than happy to hear from you: or follow him via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


Sonic Soul Playlist
13th November 2021

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Lisa Dietrich    Set It Off Tonight    Download    2021
Vince Broomfield    You're My Everything    Download    2021
Krajenski & Alana Alexander    Enjoy The Moment    Orbit    2021
Erica Johnson    Come Together    Life, Love & Inspiration    2021
Kenny Lattimore    Lose You    Here To Stay    2021
SWT Valli Hi    Nirvana    Download    2021
Leo Pesci    Guts    Download    2021
Mad Yella    Miss Your Love    Download    2021
The Superhighway Band    Little Steve's    Studio City    2021
East West Connection    Once I've Been There (feat. Pete Trotman)    Download    2021
Erica Johnson    Lovely Day    Life, Love & Inspiration    2021
Nomfusi    Burning    The Red Stoep    2021
Céu    Chega Mais    Um Gusto De Sol    2021
D'Agua Negra    Acopalices    Acopalices    2021
The KBCS    Pockets (feat. Olivier St. Louis)    Color Box    2021
Siloam Pool    1AM    Simple Complexity    2021
Darelle Holden    Baby    Darelle Holden    2021
Tony Dewayne    Sunset    Midnight Soul    2021
Josh Milan    Come Dance With Me (Part 1 & 2)    Download    2021
Ralf GUM meets Simmy    How Deep Is Your Love    Download    2021
Fika & Bambi    Heaven Or Hell    Coffee & Clouds    2020
D'Sound    Good Nature (feat. Pher & Cory Henry)    Download    2021
El Train    Feeling Good (feat. Byulah & Jackson Mathod)    Download    2021
Searchlight    Breathe    Download    2021
Rosie Frater-Taylor    Better Days (Kaidi Tatham Remix)    Download    2021
Sean Khan    Strachild (Kaidi Tatham Remix)    Supreme Love    2021
Marcos Valle    Gotta Love Again (Kaidi Tatham Remix)    Remixes JID10    2021
Bill Laurance    Zeal    Zeal EP    2021

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