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The Creative Source (#CreativeSource) – 14th May 2020

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

It’s a warm welcome then to the man himself: Dr. Brad Stone - the JazzWeek Programmer of the Year 2017, who's here every Thursday to present The Creative Source - a two hour show, highlighting jazz-fusion and progressive jazz flavours from back then, the here and now, plus occasional forays into the future.

Please feel free to get in touch with Brad with any comments or suggestions you might have; he’ll be more than happy to hear from you: or follow him via Facebook or Twitter.


The Creative Source
14th May 2020

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Dylan Hayes Electric Band    "201"    Songs for Rooms and People    2019
Amina Figarova Edition 113    R Song    Persistence    2020
Tobin Mueller    When the Future Comes    Wonder    2019
GoGo Penguin    Atomised    GoGo Penguin    2020
Gilfema    13th Floor to Heaven    Three    2020
Jim Robitaille Trio    When We Passed    Space Cycles    2020
Henry Robinett Quartet    Pinocchio    Jazz Standard Then, Vol. 1    2020
Robby Krieger    Yes, The River Knows    The Ritual Begins at Sundown    2020
Paul Shaw Quintet    Peekaboo    Moment of Clarity    2020
Wayne Escoffery    Benedictus    The Humble Warrior    2020
Harrison Squared    Dig Diz    Trout in Swimwear    2020
Michael Thomas    Framework    Event Horizon    2020
Christian Tamburr Septet    The Awakening    The Awakening (Sounds for Sculpture)    2019
Tania Grubbs Quintet    Harvest Moon    Live at Maureen's Jazz Cellar    2020
Troy Roberts    Solar Panels    Stuff I Heard    2020
Enrique Haneine    Dance of Endless Encounter    Unlayered    2020
Joel Harrison +18    Requiem for an Unknown Soldier    America at War    2020

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