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The Creative Source (#CreativeSource) – 30th April 2020

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

It’s a warm welcome then to the man himself: Dr. Brad Stone - the JazzWeek Programmer of the Year 2017, who's here every Thursday to present The Creative Source - a two hour show, highlighting jazz-fusion and progressive jazz flavours from back then, the here and now, plus occasional forays into the future.

Please feel free to get in touch with Brad with any comments or suggestions you might have; he’ll be more than happy to hear from you: or follow him via Facebook or Twitter.


The Creative Source
30th April 2020

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Tania Grubbs Quintet    A Flower is a Lovesome Thing    Live at Maureen's Jazz Cellar    2020
John DiMartino    A Flower is a Lovesome Thing
   Passion Flower: The Music of Billy Strayhorn    2020
Shuffle Demons    Turbulence    Crazy Time    2020
Monika Herzig    Rabbit    Eternal Dance    2020
Jan Harbeck Quartet    Tail that Rhythm    The Sound The Rhythm    2019
Keith Oxman    Two Cigarettes in the Dark    Two Cigarettes in the Dark    2020
The Lost Melody    Leaving Montserrat    New Songs for Old Souls    2020
Falkner Evans    Global News    Marbles    2020
Joey Alexander    Inner Urge    Warna    2020
Amina Figarova Edition 113    Lil' Poem    Persistence    2020
Day Dream    Afterward    Originals    2019
#Bloomerangs    Leaps and Bounces    Moments and Fragments    2020
Ian Carey Quintet +1    V. Resistance    Fire in My Head (The Anxiety Suite)    2020
Heisenberg Uncertainty Players    Plasma    Gradient    2020
Jeff Pifher & Socrates Trial    The Things Up Above    Live at Blue Whale    2019
B3B4    Tyrone    Live at Bird & Beckett, Vol. 2    2019
Robby Krieger    Dr. Noir    The Ritual Begins at Sundown    2020
Andy Milne and Unison    Winter Palace    The reMission    2020

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