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The Fringe (#FringeJazz) – 10th September 2018

Explore the creative edges of contemporary Jazz, with Michael Ambrosino on The Fringe. It’s a two-hour journey that showcases musicians from around the globe who are redefining this unique American art form. Indulge your ears with music that’s creative, fun, hip, curious, & thoughtful, but still familiar to anyone who listens to, & appreciates contemporary Jazz. The Fringe is not just about “world Jazz.” It’s about how Jazz has changed the musical world.

Feel free to get in touch with Michael via e-mail: or follow him via Facebook , Twitter or Instagram.

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The Fringe
10th September 2018

Artist – Track – Album – Year

Phil Schurger    Motion    The Waters Above    2018
Peter Nelson    As We Grow Unfamiliar (In the Void)   
Ash, Dust, and the Chalkboard Cinema    2018
Allysha Joy    Know Your Power    Know Your Power    2018
Silvestre Martinez    Into De Jungle    Vengo De La Costa    2018
Vincent Herring    Eastern Joy Dance    Hard Times    2017
Phronesis    Master of Puppets    We Are All    2018
Regina Carter    All My Life    Ella, Accentuate the Positive    2017
E Scott Lindner    Cough in A Hall    Port Of Dreams    2018
Steve Turre    Nangadef    Spiritman    2015
Manuel Valera    Descargando    In Motion    2014
Nate Smith    Ghost Thud (for Mr. Allen)    Pocket Change    2018
Jay Lawrence    Crosstown Traffic    Sonic Paragon    2018
Ralph Bowen    Thru Traffic    Keep The Change    2009
Omar Sosa    Reposo    Mulatos    2004
Zach Brock    The Water    Almost Never Was    2012
Joe Locke    Like Joe    Force of Four    2008
Pierre de Bethmann    Ingérences    Ilium    2009
Charlie Sepúlveda    Exit 4    Songs For Nat    2018

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