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The Fringe – 23rd January 2017

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

Explore the creative edges of contemporary Jazz, with Michael Ambrosino on The Fringe. It’s a two-hour journey that showcases musicians from around the globe who are redefining this unique American art form. Indulge your ears with music that's creative, fun, hip, curious, & thoughtful, but still familiar to anyone who listens to, & appreciates contemporary Jazz. The Fringe is not just about “world Jazz.” It’s about how Jazz has changed the musical world.

This week new music by trombonist Nick Finzer, The Baylor Project, Throttle Elevator Music, pianist Brian Dickenson and Australian saxophonist Troy Roberts, plus the latest Fringe Artist Spotlight series, featuring drummer Allison Miller and her band BOOM TIC BOOM!

Feel free to get in touch with Michael via e-mail: or follow him via Facebook , Twitter or Instagram.

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The Fringe
23rd January 2017

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Jacques Schwarz-Bart    Sept Fe    Jazz Racine Haiti    2014
Angelika Niescier    The Barn Thing    NYC Five    2016
Grégory Privat    Le nouvel esclave    Ki Koté    2011
Jasper Høiby    Fellow Creatures    Fellow Creatures    2016
Michael Dease    Delta City Crossroads    All These Hands    2016
Jeff "Siege" Siegel    King Of Xhosa    King Of Xhosa    2016
Patax    Smooth Criminal    A Night To Remember    2016
Jean Baylor & Marcus Baylor    Afro Blue (Dream)    The Journey    2017

#ArtistSpotlight w/ Allison Miller

Allison Miller    Big and Lovely    BOOM TIC BOOM     2010
Allison Miller    Pig In A Sidecar    Otis Was A Polar Bear    2016
Allison Miller    Early Bird    No Morphine No Lilies    2013
Allison Miller    Itch    No Morphine No Lilies    2013
Allison Miller    Fuster (edit)    Otis Was A Polar Bear    2016
Allison Miller    Shimmer    Otis Was A Polar Bear    2016
Allison Miller    Pork Belly    No Morphine No Lilies    2013

Throttle Elevator Music    Liminality    Retrorespective    2017
Nick Finzer    The Silent One    Hear & Now    2017
Sean Jones    Interior Motive    Im·pro·vise (Never Before Seen)    2014
Brian Dickinson    Open Season    The Rhythm Method    2017
Daniel Foose    Bokor, the Diviner    Of Water and Ghosts    2016
Troy Roberts    Pickapoppy    Tales & Tones    2016

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