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The Fringe (#FringeJazz) – 26th March 2018

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

Explore the creative edges of contemporary Jazz, with Michael Ambrosino on The Fringe. It’s a two-hour journey that showcases musicians from around the globe who are redefining this unique American art form. Indulge your ears with music that's creative, fun, hip, curious, & thoughtful, but still familiar to anyone who listens to, & appreciates contemporary Jazz. The Fringe is not just about “world Jazz.” It’s about how Jazz has changed the musical world.

This week composer, arranger, conductor, and multiple band leader Anthony Branker speaks about his life and music in the latest edition of The Fringe’s #ArtistSpotlight series.

Feel free to get in touch with Michael via e-mail: or follow him via Facebook , Twitter or Instagram.

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The Fringe
26th March 2018

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Raynald Colom    The Rising    Rise    2012
Jay Phelps    Chomtalay Chill    Free As A Bird    2018
Counterweight    Hum    Counterweight    2018
Kjetil Mulelid    Fly, Fly    Not Nearly Enough To Buy A House    2017
Jim McNeely    Redman Rides Again    Barefoot Dances and Other Visions    2018
Áron Tálas    Big Talk    Little Beggar    2018
Ryan Keberle & Frank Woeste    Ostinato (prelude)    Reverso - Suite Ravel    2018
Owen Broder    Goin Up Home    Heritage, The American Roots Project    2018

#ArtistSpotlight w/ Anthony Branker

Anthony Branker    Skirting the Issue    Dialogic    2011
Anthony Branker    Across the Divide    Uppity    2013
Anthony Branker    Beauty Within    Beauty Within    2016
Anthony Branker    Our Dreams    The Forward (Towards Equality) Suite    2014
Anthony Branker    The Renewal    Dance Music    2010
Anthony Branker    Sacred Song    Blessings    2009

Yuvisney Aguilar    Abriendo Caminos (edit)    Piango Piango    2016
Balint Gyemant    The GFC    True Listener    2017
Andrew Rathbun    Fractured    Atwood Suites    2018
Justin Mullens    Hub-Tones    The Cornucopiad    2016

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