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The Fringe – 3rd October 2016

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

Explore the creative edges of contemporary Jazz, with Michael Ambrosino on The Fringe. It’s a two-hour journey that showcases musicians from around the globe who are redefining this unique American art form. Indulge your ears with music that's creative, fun, hip, curious, & thoughtful, but still familiar to anyone who listens to, & appreciates contemporary Jazz. The Fringe is not just about “world Jazz.” It’s about how Jazz has changed the musical world.

Feel free to get in touch with Michael via e-mail: or follow him via Facebook , Twitter or Instagram.

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The Fringe
3rd October 2016

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Jan Kus    Strength    Faith    2016
Manuel Valera    Factors    In Motion    2014
Pete McCann    Bridge Scandal    Range    2015
Ted Nash    Spoken At Midnight (Nehru)   
Presidential Suite: Eight Variations On Freedom    2016
Dianne Reeves    Feels So Good (Lifted)    Beautiful Life    2014
Orrin Evans    When Jen Came In    #knowingishalfthebattle    2016
Sam Yahel    Money     The Jazz Side Of The Moon    2008
Peter Martin    La Pregunta (The Question)    The Answer    2011
The Westerlies    Edomala    The Westerlies    2016
Peter Brendler    Stop Gap    Message In Motion    2016
Anat Cohen    Cais    Luminosa    2015
Doug Beavers    Boranda    Titanes Del Trombon    2015
Akinola Sennon    You    Cousoumeh    2016
Eric St-Laurent    The Blivet    Dale    2013
Will Calhoun    Harmonique    Celebrating Elvin Jones    2016
Gene Ess    Déjala Que Pase    Absurdist Theater    2016
Shirantha Beddage    Axis of Rotation    Momentum    2016
Andrew Cyrille    Say    The Declaration of Musical Independence    2016
Terry Bartolotta    Rays    Slow Burn    2015

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