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The Fringe (#FringeJazz) – 7th August 2017

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In the meantime, here’s some more details about the show:

Explore the creative edges of contemporary Jazz, with Michael Ambrosino on The Fringe. It’s a two-hour journey that showcases musicians from around the globe who are redefining this unique American art form. Indulge your ears with music that's creative, fun, hip, curious, & thoughtful, but still familiar to anyone who listens to, & appreciates contemporary Jazz. The Fringe is not just about “world Jazz.” It’s about how Jazz has changed the musical world.

This week NYC based Ben Allison talks all things bass in the eighth edition of The Fringe’s Artist Spotlight series. Treat yourself to #HappyEars – DL over two-hours worth of jazz flavours, or stream for FREE via our New
Arrivals feature under our #FTL category. #FringeJazz #ArtistSpotlight

Feel free to get in touch with Michael via e-mail: or follow him via Facebook , Twitter or Instagram.

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The Fringe
7th August 2017

Artist - Track - Album - Year

Samuel Torres    Yaoundé    Yaoundé    2010
Bobby Sanabria Big Band    Wordsworth Ho!    Multiverse    2012
Cyrus Chestnut    Nardis    There's A Sweet, Sweet Spirit    2017
Daniel Casimir    Escapee    Escapee    2016
Yusef Komunyakaa    Jumping Bad Blues    White Dust    2017
Maurice Brown    The Mood    The Mood    2017
Gregory Porter    No Love Dying    Liquid Spirit    2013
John Beasley    Criss Cross    MONK'estra Vol. 2    2017
Jane Ira Bloom    Alone & In A Circumstance    Wild Lines - Improvising Emily Dickinson    2017

#ArtistSpotlight w/ Ben Allison

Ben Allison    Riding the Nuclear Tiger    Riding the Nuclear Tiger    2001
Ben Allison    Music Is Music    Peace Pipe    2002
Ben Allison    Respiration    Little Things Run the World    2007
Ben Allison    Man Size Safe    Little Things Run the World    2007
Ben Allison    Slap Happy    Peace Pipe    2002
Ben Allison    Get Me Offa this Thing    Layers of the City    2017
Ben Allison    Layers of the City    Layers of the City    2017
Ben Allison    Magic Number (edit)    Layers of the City    2017

Csaba Toth Bagi    Cs'oro    Balkan Union    2017
Matthew Halsall    As I Walk (ft Josephine On    Into Forever    2015
Rob Luft    Shorty    Riser    2017
Matt White    The Black Valley    Worlds Wide    2017
Bob Sheppard    Phantoms    Close Your Eyes    2010

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